National Black Chamber of commerce says Obama energy plan will cost jobs, hurt economy

NBCC President and CEO Harry Alford notes, “These findings add to a growing body of evidence that demonstrates cap-and-trade would make American consumers poorer and the products they buy more expensive.

“Moreover, the NBCC study finds there will be little, if any, environmental impact to justify the high price U.S. families will have to pay, since the trading system will deliver virtually negligible changes in global CO2 emissions so long as developing nations such as China and India don’t buy in.

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You don't say...........maybe they shouldn't have voted for him, just because he was black.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Taxing consumers in this manner ... what will be done with the resulting funds such that those consumers will see a better consuming future?

Adding all that "free money" to the gov's general fund is NOT GOOD ENOUGH of a rationale. If we're going to be taxed like that, then I'd better fucking see wind turbines sprouting up everywhere, and a large increase in the CAFE efficiency standards, and things like that. Not just corrupt government officials rolling in more money.

statement. There is no evidence that states that the members of the Black National Chamber of Commerce voted as a whole or singularly for President Barack Obama because he is black. Just as there is no body of evidence that states that the members of the National Chamber of Commerce voted as a whole or singularly for President George Bush because he is white.

Obama carried 95% of the black vote....

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

Isn't having a "Black National Chamber of Commerce" racist? What if there was a "White National Chamber of Commerce" ? I bet all hell would break lose.

there was a need for a Black National Chamber of Commerce. I don't know all of the answers to all of the black questions. But it should be easy enough to research as to why there was a need, when it was founded and why the National Chamber of Commerce is not called the White National Chamber of Commerce.

Twila, the National Chamber of Commerce is white by default. Sorry about that T. I know that is going to irritate you. But, what the heck, it’s been a long time since I have had a chance to get under your skin. No pun intended.

I protest 'Cracker Barrel'!

'Cracker Barrel' is obviously a racial slur against European Americans and I demand that they change their name to something more politically correct.

The local chain named 'Beaners' coffee house was forced to change their name after protests.

And what ever happened to 'Sambo's'?

"However in the late seventies controversy over the chain's name drew protests and lawsuits in communities that viewed the term Sambo as a pejorative towards African-Americans, particularly in Northeast states."'s

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

having a friend that collects negro artifacts from the time, I can tell you the name changed from Sambo's to DENNYS!!!!!

If "Cracker" Barrel is offensive to you just don't patronize, that is what I do when I am offended by the name. If enough white people stop patronizing "Cracker" Barrel they will go out of business or be forced to change their name.

I have only been in "Cracker" Barrel once and we were the only black people in the establishment. All of the rest of the partons were white and they were doing a brisk business.

When the "Sambo" controversy came up, I just was not going to patronize. That is what you should do. No need to protest, just don't spend your money there. Easy enough.

What are negro artifacts?

that exploited the black man from the late 1800's to the mid 70's, like back doors of business establishments with the words "colored only" on them.

he's an amatuer historian and collector on this stuff.

and one of those things is a table set from Sambo's.

mean, Brian whereverwhoever. It is called Black Americana or Black Memorabilia. Negro artifacts would be an unknown and derogatory term to use when purchasing or collecting this "stuff."

You would think that the resident historian would have blogged that information.

I think brian means antique black americana collectables. Most of it offensive by today's standards - but I've bought & sold quite a bit of it over the years, and many of my buyers were blacks who were collecting these items to educate their nieces & nephews, etc. to black history, and the racism that 'used to be' - the ugliest of racism in this country. A lot of these items are ashtrays, s & p shakers, tobacco jars, books, labels, tin toys, cast iron banks, kitchen items - decorated in ways to exagerate the blacks in the worst way, originally intended to be funny or clever. I'm stunned at how offensive a lot of those items are, and how they were so commonplace & sold & displayed everywhere. Some of those items are highly collectable & are part of history - slave tags & other items used during slavery. The collectors don't buy these items because they are racists - they buy them because they are colectors of historical items. I sell a lot of antique books, many childrens' books, and it amazes me what was read to children - not just the racist references to blacks (with images), but also the violence, and what would now be considered child abuse. (one old German kid's book has a story about a kid who wouldn't stop sucking his thumb, so his mom cut it off - blood spurting everywhere. Another story showing a little girl set on fire because she played with a stove.) There are antique book collectors who search for those types of books. I remember one old kid's book titled "Ten Little N___gers" - I was shocked when I saw that. Color illustrated throughout.
There's also been so many reproductions of Black Americana by those hoping to make money on them - so now, it's buyer beware, unless you know what you're looking for & have a good black light (and that's not always dependable all the time either).

As for Cracker Barrel - I think that's a stretch for people to be outraged by the name "Cracker". It is called that because it's supposed to represent the old time grocery stores - that kept food items in barrels. Crackers in one barrel, nuts in another, etc. The name has nothing at all to do with racism.

I know exactly what Brian meant, just giving him a history lesson on contempory terms for the "stuff" that his friend collects. I have friends and relatives who collect the Black Americana Memorabilia, it is highly sought after and costs a pretty penny.

but explain the stuff he has from the Negro Baseball League .

im not going to explain myself for what someone has a label for. it is what he told me it is, I have no personal interest in it, except that maybe if this stuff didn't exist, you'd have something else to bitch about.

wasn't my intention to insult you purnhrt, just answer your question.

but you take it and gooooooooooo.......k?

sorry purnhrt - I must have posted about the same second brian did. Had I seen brian's comment, I wouldn't have bothered. I also have never heard of the term 'negro artifacts' before - I didn't know it was derogatory to blacks - but then, I never would have used that term about Black Americana. "Artifacts" to me, represents more primitve or older items - like Mayan artifacts, or even Native American artifacts --------------- ok, now I'm puzzled, because while I never would have used it about Black Americana collectables, it's used quite often for Native American collectables - so I'm not sure why one & not the other. My guess,is 'artifacts' is more primitive, hand made perhaps? Not sure if it has to meet a certain 'age' to earn the term. Somebody please enlighten me.

you are quite knowledgeable about a whole lot of things. I was taken aback also by the term "negro artifacts" and agree with your interpretation. Artifacts seems archaic and of course the "negro" term speaks for itself.

I find these items interesting for their historical value - but they all tend to dismay & shock me, what was sold & displayed as 'decorative' of funny - I was a kid in the 50's & 60's & am always amazed that this stuff was probably there all the time, but as a kid, I just never saw them - so when I see items that date even to the 70's, it just shocks me how long this country's been so ignorant & backwards & racist (and even now in some places). My Jr. & High School were some of the early ones that had bussed black kids in & I never once witnessed any abuse against the black kids. We all seemed to get along pretty well - I was friends with several black kids in school, and if there was racism displayed to them in school, they never let on (or I was blind to it). Anyway, after reading several of my son's UT text books on the subject & learning that this stuff was going on even into the 70's - it just made me think a long time about how I could have missed seeing all that back then. I still can't recall witnessing or hearing anything like that - but I'm sure the racism was there (and my parents were terribly racist, so I did hear things at home).
And while I know that most collectors of Black Americana do so for their historical & educational value, I also know that there are some who buy it to decorate their kitchens, etc. with it - sad attempts to recreate a '50's kitchen perhaps, and they probably buy reproductions (cheaper) . I can't even imagine displaying those items in my home - decorative or not - unless they were shown in an historical display, as collectables. I've learned a lot about these things - long after high school. And I think kids today see people less in terms of race than my parents generation did - baby steps, too long in coming.
I went to high school with Blade writer Rose Russell Stewart - I didn't know her very well, but always read her column. And she wrote a column about what went through her mind the first day she was bussed into a white school - the fear she felt. I read that column 2 times & kept wondering how it was that I never once knew or saw that those new black kids were fearful - they never let on that I could see. My only memories of back then regarding this was the joking & silliness with each other in school, and the amazing singing voices of the girls in the bathrooms. I never once witnessed a racist remark or gesture, or saw a fight - we just all seemed to get along pretty well. Never occurred to me this 'bussing' business or why - I just assumed new kids were coming to the school because they moved here (I never said I was bright).

very insightful comments. I was raised in the 50'sand 60's also and while not bussed to a white school, because of the climate in Canton, Ohio where I am from, my parents sent my siblings and I to white schools. I was the only black girl in my graduating class. High school was not very much fun but I learned a lot. I never had a black teacher but my teachers taught and we all learned.

I never really understood the bussing issue but I can see it now. With the closing of two inner city elementary schools, those students are going to be bussed to the school that they will be attending. I think children should be able to walk to their neighborhood school but that will no longer be possible with the school closings.

In Toledo it is hard to see where there has been much progress in race relations since the 50-60's.

purnhrt - I have high hopes for my kid's generation (and younger) - they don't seem to see people in terms of color like their parents & grandparents did. I was tellng my son about a funny incident in the store several years ago - I don't recall what it was about anymore - but to describe what had happened, I described the people involved, and described one lady at this black woman & was proceeding to describe more - and my son stopped me right tnere, and asked me why I felt the need to point out that she was black & asked me if her being black had any relevance. Made me think -stopped in my tracks, because he was right. Her race had nothing at all to do with the story, I was just trying to give a desciptive story. I've been careful about doing that since. My kids are grown now - but they've set me straight on many things I've said harmlessly. I just get the impression that the younger generations aren't growing up with stereotypes on people. I'm sure many still are echoing what they hear at home if their parents are racist - but I do think kids today are doing better than my parents generation did.

I do think you are right about the children but it's the adults in Toledo and maybe elsewhere who have not progressed past the 50's. While overwhelmingly we all elected a black president, i do personally see where there are those who stir the racial pot.

100% of the white vote went to George Bush in the last election.

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