Paul Tetuan Introduces Strategy for Business-Friendly City

Toledo, Ohio. Paul Tetuan, Independent candidate for Toledo City Council, made the following remarks at a press conference today at 4:30 p.m., at One Government Center.

Thank all of you for coming here today. I want to take this opportunity to talk about the suddenly larger field of at-large Toledo City Council candidates.

It appears that most of the recently announced candidates are declaring as Independent candidates - citing that they don't want to be told what to do by either the Democrats or the Republicans. I actually welcome all of these converts to my position that I announced in May of 2008 when I first declared as a candidate for Toledo City Council. If you look back at my initial declaration that is posted on my website, I said that I was running as an Independent so that I would not be beholding to any political party or faction thereof. One year ago, I recognized that the City of Toledo was in deep trouble and that a new, independent spirit was needed for the City to make progress. It was easy for me to
see then, and it has since been reinforced, that the general unemployment situation would lead to a budget crisis in the City. I was hoping against hope that this crisis would not actually develop until new leadership took over in January 2010. However, this crisis
apparently would not wait. The City's current situation calls for bold, independent leadership. It is now easy for others to see what has led to the City's current budget crisis. However, like I have said, I recognized this last year and, at that time, I put myself out there as a candidate saying that what was needed for Toledo to prosper was to turn Toledo into a more business-friendly community.

The question remains-how do we turn Toledo into a more business-friendly community?

We first have to show business leaders that we are serious in our efforts to both retain and attract new jobs to Toledo. We have to show this not only through actions but with attitudes. We have to assist business owners in doing business in Toledo, not tell them how to run their business. We have to help them find a site to locate their business, not tell them where it should be located.

To this end, my first proposal is to establish a coalition of government representatives, business owners of various- size businesses, union officials and developers. This coalition would be charged with a 30- to 45-day review of the City's policies, procedures and laws in regards to business development in Toledo.

As an example, today if a business owner goes to the City of Toledo website to look for information about opening a business in Toledo, he or she will see a list of 26 separate business types that require a permit or license to do business in our community. When you read the applications for these permits or licenses, you see that many of them need approval from multiple city departments before they are issued. With this coalition, the entire process, including the need for the licenses, would be reviewed. The process to get the approvals would be reviewed and streamlined. This entire process needs to be
business-friendly. In this case, the City is a service provider to a customer, and that customer is the business owner. In order to attract and retain jobs for our citizens, we have to do things better than any other city.

Once the entire review is completed, I am confident that a new attitude among all of these groups will be established. A spirit of cooperation, if the right leaders are in place, will grow to where the City's reputation in the business community will be one of a community eager to help businesses prosper in our city. Everyone has to remember that a business exists for one reason, to make a profit. When a business does show a profit, they reinvest a portion into growing their business. This results in more jobs in our community.

We need to show businesses that we want them to come to Toledo and bring their jobs with them.

Our citizens need to work and want to work. We have great people living in Toledo and any business would do well to have them as employees. The problem in Toledo is not with our workforce, it is the attitude of some of our leaders toward business. It is up to the citizens of Toledo to realize this now and voice their desire for change in this year's City
Council election.

I am Paul Tetuan, the candidate who started the Independent trend a year ago - and I look forward to continuing to make clear my stance about a business-friendly City.

Thank you again for being here today.

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The problem stems from having too much government -- government much in excess of constitutional and chartered minimums. THAT is why you have all these departments, who require themselves to be part of your life process, but often are at cross purposes.

Downsize the city government to the chartered minimum and these complication and cross-purpose problems will VANISH. Of course, that means getting rid of a LOT of cronies and union employees. Good luck with that.

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