Does anyone believe the city will not bill the home owner for a fire run?

No - Our city councilman Sadsock wouldn't let them
17% (6 votes)
Yes - the language in the ordinance says Shall BILL which means MUST in legal terms
83% (30 votes)
Total votes: 36
No votes yet

Poll is kinda backwards tom...

Does anyone believe the city will not bill the home owner for a fire run?

No...I dont believe them for a second...

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but I am a conundrum as well so it's easy to see.

I do not believe the City will bill us directly for a fire run. They will outsource it to a third party collection service instead. So I guess my vote would be ...YES?

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Isn't fire protection part of what our taxes pay for?

Billing us in the event we need it seems kind of like buying groceries, then having to pay again when you actually eat them.

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Obviously Toledo's politicians are trying to create the impression in the general public that the city can't run on the revenue stream. But that's only true when you don't fix the horrible levels of WASTED SPENDING that occur.

We need to get FISCAL LIBERALS out of all public offices.

If the people in charge thought the people living on either side of a house that burned down were stupid enough to pay, they would bill them ALSO when a house burned down.

Don't give them any ideas!!!