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the grass...
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who is dressing this guy?

and where in the hell are all of Carty's safety gear?

No muffs? no goggles? gloves?


You're a public employee on public time, Carty, come ON!

It ain't Amy, she's in Port Clinton, and, during the floods in 2006 Carty refused to wear safety equipment of any kind. He believes it can't happen to him. Just think, if he keeps mowing lawns he can't screw up too many things.

It's about time that lazy so-and-so does some real work instead of basking in his perception of his own self importance. Are you allowed to operate rotating equipment while you're on Zoloff?

replace a city grass cutter who makes in the low 5 figures with one who's untrained, obviously doesnt know or care about proper safety procedures and makes in the 6 figures per year...

Am I serious? No, but then again, neither's Carty about this - it's just a photo op and nothing more. Probably dreamed up at the retreat he was at instead of negotiating with the police about contracts and other 'mayoral' stuff.

how many frivilous lawsuits/workman comp claims are filed against the city because the employee isn't properly fitted with safety equipment?

I know you're taking the piss, Billy, but this event is just another wreckless PR move that just shows how tragic the leader of this city leads.

OSHA has these employer rules for a reason, and just as the proper dress for grounds maintenance require the proper safety gear be donned while machinery is in operation, the mayor, taking the job into his own hands, should be setting the example towards city employees and dress accordingly with the work being done.

And proper safety gear for operating a grass mower is proper eye protection, gloves and ear protection.

and granted, it was a great photo op, right next door to his own home.

Why doesn't he hop in a squad car and help patrol some of the gang infested neighborhoods in the city?

Oh yeah, without a kevlar vest too.


only if you can get it on film tho - remember a few years back he took part in a raid on a crack house?

I wonder how many cops were part of that who's only job was to watch out for Carty and keep him the F out of the way.

...watching the Marines and their urban training, instead of alienating the armed forces, he'd be an educated John Walsh-wannabe instead of some fum-bumbling fool.

Compassion? All of the sudden the mayor talks about compassion? Does anyone really believe that this talk about compassion is the least bit persuassive?

How stupid does this officially certifed, recalled mayor think Toledoans really are? It's easy for the mayor to talk about compassion which means to have "sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it", but when he is partially responsible for THAT distress, is he really the "doer" he makes himself out to be?

Or, is he merely an actor, a hypocrite who is a "doer of deeds to be seen by others, who loves to be honored at dinners, greeted in the marketplaces and rememberd for once pushing a lawnmower, while the mayor neglects the 'weightier matters of the law"?

By his latest attempt to show compassion now, where there was very little or none before, isn't the mayor really demonstrating that he is a transgressor of the criteria he has set for "other Toledoans"?

It's easy to be compassionate toward others who have the same or similar views as oneself and blindly follows orders, but the proof that the mayor's compassion is not real is from his own words, "armtwisters, kinnivers, salespersons, whatever it takes" [to convince people]. Is this mowing spectacle merely a form of "kinniving"? Armtwisting? or a sales pitch?

What is the liklihood that this will be viewed in the same way as when he ran for re-election in 1995 when he said, "I'm a changed man"?

As then as now, the mayor is not persuassive because people somehow know that without outside help, an "Ethiopian cannot change his skin and that a leopard cannot change his spots regardless of what Kipling said at the end of his story.

Where was the mayor's compassion in his statement at a recent press conference, "Get a life, I really do mean get a life"?

Where was the compassion when he called Wood County officials, "Pirates, poachers and pilferers"?

What would those who have received one of the mayor's letters say about what kind of compassion there was there?

Every other "citizen" is expected to drag out their personal lawn care equipment but it appears that Carty is using a professional grade piece of machinery most likely furnished to him by the Parks and Rec dept. I wonder if the city is willing to supply me with this High Quality Industrial equipment or must I use my little 4 year old MTD, 6.5hp rear bagger to get the job done. And what about the clippings? Are we expected to haul them off to the Recycle Yard or will the city furnish some collection? What if my mower throws up a stone and it crashed through some car window or worse yet hits some innocent bystander? Will the city come to my defense when the law suit is filed or must I retain my own attorney at my expense? Can we cut the city property on an Ozone Action Day if it falls on a Saturday?

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Notice that its his neighborhood?

Couple questions for Hizz(dis)honor

Your neighborhood, but who's mower?

Do you actually own a lawn mower, or do you have your yard professionally done?

The Unions are suing the City for work done (all magically for less than $10,000 per contract).

Doesn't this open the city up to more Union lawsuits for giving non-city union people work? Especially when using the City owned equipment?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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