Ohio BMV stamps 1 million new plates, decides NOT to issue

Okay, so the Strickland administration decided Ohio needed a new look for our license plates. A basic design was created, Mrs. Taxin' Ted made some changes, and the design was finalized. Apparently the Ohio BMV created over 1 MILLION sets of plates, because we were going to go through a mandatory "replate". Personally I think this was a good idea, because many older plates are no longer reflective, rusty, and illegible. Most states do have some kind of mandatory replating after 5 to 10 years.

But the BMV felt that asking Ohioans to pay $2.50 for the new plates was too much right now. Taxin' Ted has already asked for hikes in registration and title fees in his new budget. so the new plates will only be issued as a special issue, at extra cost. Now, the best selling specialty plates in Ohio only sell about 50000 a year. So my toddler will probably still be able to get the new plate when he gets his first car.

If the BMV had decided not to go ahead with stamping 1 MILLION sets of plates, I would have applauded, despite my safety concerns. But if you are going to spend the money to make the actual plates, then get them out on the road. Hell, issue it at no extra cost! That has to be cheaper than storing a MILLION pairs of plates.....


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our plates remind me of the old days when Ohio's were green and white, which is why I got a personalized plate with my dad's old license plate number for my car.

But now, with Florida's "replate", they've added "In God We Trust" to where "Sunshine State" used to be...

Get rid of the plates, Ted. You're just wasting money if ya don't.

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