Toledo Blade's numbers down, have any reasons why?

Toledo Free Press is reporting the Toledo Blade numbers are down. What would be your suggestion on why?

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Because of the internet. Next question.

Pink Slip's because it's a worthless liberal rag...

No worries...the new american pravda is right around the corner....

The liberal press is sucking up to become an official organ of the state because it can no longer survive commercially.

Oh but it has nothing to do with the spin and lack of unbiased coverage.

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

For your succinct brevity.


I knew that! Every time I know the answer, Pink_Slip gets called on first.

Mad Jack
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Hmmmm....maybe ...because, like 90-some% or so of all newspapers, it's merely a biased, brainwashing extension of the owners?


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

people are moving away, and when they do, they find a newspaper that's actually a newspaper.

The Blade contributed to it's own demise....

Newspapers are failing because they are "worthless liberals rags"

Clear Channel's talk radio is failing because?

but Clear Channel®'s WZZR station pulled in a 16.7 middays for the demographics this book.

And that station is allllllll talk.

you might want to clarify local talk radio.

wishing you had those numbers make you feel woozy, fred?


I was thinking the $400 million loss Clear Channel announced just recently...

CC would stave off it's losses if they had half the sense to simulcast The Love Doctors® during the day nationwide.

show ya some numbers Rush would just die for....

...web? I still subscribe yearly, but I am beginning to wonder why I should. My brother reads it when he comes for lunch (they live in lower Michigan, and don't subscribe). Other than that, or having a piece of paper in my hand I see no reason to spend money for something I can get for free.

Old South End Broadway

it seems the new wave is newspapers charging for "local journalist" columns.

The online version of "The Blah" now has a green version available online for $11.00/mo.

Just how much longer do you think they'll keep supporting the regular, free online version?

Yet the Columbus Dispatch has gone from $ 4.95/mo. to free.

SOSDD, just a different form. . .

Hooda Thunkit

For the first time in at least 15 years, I don't subscribe to a newspaper. I've always enjoyed reading the paper. But JRB finally pushed too far. When the Blade had BHO and JRB on the front page, and JRB made a comment how the Blade would never ask GWB to visit, I had enough. That comment, and his letter to Obama on the front page asking if everyone "had a right to a good job where they lived" (unless you were a Blade union employee), showed me that there was no objectivity left at the Blade. I grab the Detroit Free Press on Sundays, and maybe a couple other times during the week. I wish Verizon would upgrade the phone network out here to support their FIOS product. I could get rid of Block Communications products completely then.

I really ENJOY reading the paper. When I was in Northern VA I read the Washington Post daily. I would have a subscription to USA Today but it's just too expensive.

I don't think the internet will kill papers. If magazines can thrive in the internet world so can newspapers. Newspapers just need to find a new model that works. I think going free is a huge advantage and will ultimately be successful for them.

I used to read the blade for the 2nd News section and the Tigers and Rockets. But due to their everyday misrepresentation of the news and character assassinations (It first started with Ray Kest but even though I'm no fan of him) on the front and op-ed page I stopped reading all together.

cbssportsline is now my primary source for sports and realclearpolitics and are my primary source for political news. DFP and USA Today are still my "indulgence"


And anyone was expecting anything different with regard to the "Daily Fishwrap" circulation numbers?
Geese people! Look at the flight of so many good people from Toledo, and look at the brewing disgust with machine that has run Toledo for all these years (Powered by the Block family) by those that remain...and you wonder why the "Daily Fishwrap" has credibilty and circulation problems???

This paper is the epitome of mediocrity IMO. A classic example of a left wing scandel sheet if ever there was one. The primary reason it's going down the crapper isn't pressure from the internet, it's the lousy content that's being packaged as "news". This is nothing more than an extension of the drivel cooked up by most of the op-ed writers, and spread over the days' current events. It still has some use, especially if one has canaries, or a few cats.

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