New Garbage Cans

According to the Toledo Blade dated May 14th, starting today until June 8th, citizens can make the choice of what type of trash container that they want to use for the new automatic trash pickup at their homes. The city reccommends the 96 gal. size, however you can notify the city , or pick up the smaller size at the suggested sites. Those who do not want to participate in the recycling program are to call the division of solid waste so that the recycling bins are not delivered to their homes.

As of now it is undecided as to who or what company will handle the trash and recycling, and what the fees will be. One councilman in April suggested that the residents pay for their own bins by paying a $4 dollar a month fee, however the Mayor wants to increase the fees already in effect.

I thought that this trash and recycling program would not go into effect untol some time in 2010. However, if these choices are to be made between May 14th and June 8th, it sounds as though the program is starting much sooner than 2010. My question then Is "Where is the money coming from for enough bins to cover the whole city of Toledo? If the city actually does decide to pick up the trash where is the funds coming from for the trucks?

Could the Police Unions be correct when they state that the city has more money than revealed to the public? Could the trash and recycling program be the real reason for all the layoffs in the city of Toledo and not the deficit? Is this where the money is coming from for the trash bins and perhaps new trash and recycling trucks.

Only time will tell.

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