WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) is proud to announce
his new virtual office and website

At the virtual office and website, constituents can contact Congressman
Latta's office for information on legislation, assistance with Federal
Agencies, or tour information for visits to Washington, D.C.
Constituents can also subscribe to email updates from Congressman
Latta's office through the website.

New and updated features include

-Text message updates from Congressman Latta's office
-Welcome message
-Video and audio library
-Links to Congressman Latta's social media websites
-Requests for United States flags flown over the Capitol
-Meetings with Congressman Latta

"It is important for me to be as accessible to my constituents as
possible and my virtual office is just one way that I am able to serve
my constituents. As society becomes more mobile and technology more
advanced, I look forward to staying in touch with my constituents in
real time--both from Washington and the 5th District," Latta stated
after launching the new site.

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Can we all pay homage to the Freemasons at his website?

Can't wait to see the Dan Brown/Ron Howard movie on this...

Pink Slip

I haven't been to the Lodge in years...I really should go back.

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