Washington Post picks up on Toledo's trouble, notes Dillin's trouble

The Washington Post ran a big story on Sunday on Toledo's unemployment. But what was interesting in the article is what it mentioned about Larry Dillin:

Larry B. Dillin, head of Dillin Corp. and Noonan's former boss, laid off 60 percent of his workforce of about two dozen in the Toledo suburb of Perrysburg. In a period that reminds him of the weeks after the 2001 terrorist attacks, he sees "a lot of people with a deer-in-the-headlights stare, people not knowing what normal is anymore."


Is the Marina District officially in Davy Jones' locker?

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There's going to be a big crash in the commercial or retail arena in 2009 (and extending into 2010 at least), affecting the banks as well (who hold the loans to those millions of empty-pocket businessmen). I said so in 2008, and it must come to pass. So Dillin's just following the trend. Perhaps he's ahead of the curve. But that shouldn't concern us as much as what's happening in the first place: The Great Depression II.

City's that sit back whine about how bad they have it and elect leaders that do nothing new and original will eventually fade away in the history books where they belong.

Want change? People in the city need to stop whining and actually get off their butt and do something. Oh wait...that is too hard.

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