UT's statement on the point shaving scandal

Dear Alumni and Friends:

The University of Toledo has received word that federal authorities have indicted six
foriner athletes on charges relating to an alleged "point shaving" scheme, between December 2004 and December 2006.

Let me say from the begimaing that we take this matter seriously, however we also
consider it past history. We will continue to cooperate fully with all law enforcement agencies.

Working together, it is my hope that this matter can be resolved quickly and justly for all parties involved. We believe that this action brings closure to the investigatory portion of this process.

As I have stressed in the past, it is my desire to have a culture of compliance throughout
the University. The University of Toledo and the Department of Athletics can be proud of the proactive measures we have taken together to enhance compliance and ensure that this University is dedicated to producing student-athletes of the highest integrity. As you may recall, we conducted a thorough assessment of our athletic department more than two years ago and can say without question that the department’s ethics is strong.

Be assured that these allegations do not fit within the University’s values system and we
have turned the page on this matter.

We are looking forward to a bright future for UT Athletics.

Lloyd Jacobs, MD

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Jacobs is unpopular

Both coaches who were in charge during that time have been replaced.

All the players involved are off the teams.

I don't know what else the Univ. could do to put this behind them.

BTW - As far as I know Jacobs is only unpopular with the facaulty but lets face facts, what was the last President at UT to be popular with the facaulty?


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