The Recent Layoffs Of Police, And 3 Murders In 5 Days...It Is Necessary

Toledo, OH - Independent City Council At-Large Candidate, Stephen Ward, proposes a safety and security plan for the city of Toledo.

We believe that the success of Toledo is in direct relation to the success of our first responders and public safety. There has never been a city that has cut back on their first responders and maintained a successful and prosperous city at the same time. The Toledo police officers and fire fighters are our backbone in many ways. No matter the economic woes we may currently face, our first responders should not be sacrificed. Toledo's future is dependent on having strong and efficient police and fire departments.

Ward says, “as councilman, I vow to work to get more police officers on our streets and in our communities. I will also work to find ways to make our Toledo Police Department more efficient, leaner and stronger. Leaner and stronger in resources to provide maximum safety, not leaner in manpower. However, the responsibility of public safety, I believe does not solely rest upon the shoulders of the police. I believe that we all can play an active part in keeping our communities safe.”

WHO: Independent City Council At-Large Candidate Stephen Ward

WHAT: Proposes Safety and Security Plan for Toledo

WHEN: Thursday, May 7, 10 A.M.

WHERE: Safety Building, 525 N. Erie, downtown Toledo (outside)

WHY: 3 Murders in 5 days...It is necessary

HOW: Community policing, community courts, youth, technology (gunshot detection & E-Surveillance) gang awareness, eradicating gangs

As crime continues to increase in Toledo, we cannot simply be reactive when a major, catastrophic, tragic incident occurs. We have memorials all over the city of people killed. If we only react when someone is killed or maimed, that is not a systematic improvement.

Ward asserts, “Economic development is very important, but economic development will not come to Toledo until we stop the violence going on every day in our streets. The key to making Toledo safe for all people is: crime prevention, intervention, prosecution, and reintegration. Crime has no color and takes place in all parts of Toledo. We have to send a message to the thugs that you don't have power in this city over the people that are vested in the communities.”

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I've been hearing that the City of Toledo maintains an "investment portfolio" of over $200M. The interest income it gets from this portfolio is pathetic ... a few hundred thousand each year. BUT ... this portfolio is being sustained purely to maintain the city's credit rating, in order to continue covering bond issues.

These sorts of absurdities need to STOP, Mr Ward. You can't have the city crying poor while sitting on a year's worth of revenue just for a credit detail. A city in our financial dire straits needs to STOP borrowing money anyway, hence bond issues need to STOP.

I wonder how much of a credit rating the city can achieve when it's 20+ million dollar in the hole and won't spend any of the $200M to reinvest in their city. That amount of money means nothing if you aren't willing to save the city it reflects on. Does anyone know what the city's 'real" credit rating is right now? Is there a website that list it?

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Try contracting your broker if you have one, or maybe contact Moody's ratings service (www.moodys.com) for a general inquiry.

Because the closest thing I can find is a debt stabilization fund that is capped at 5% of the city's annual gross revenue. However, I think it might only apply to Sewer & Water departments, so it would only apply to 60% of the city's debt.

The county has an investment portfolio of $250M, but earns $10-12M annually from these investments. Maybe that's what you're thinking of?

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

City worker. I'll quiz this person further.


Just wanted to follow up with my Safety & Security Plan for Toledo, and give you more information on the Gunshot Detection / E-Surveillance Unit.

I have attached a picture of a unit to this email. Also below are links to video's so that you may see them in action, and get a better idea of how Toledo can benefit from using this new crime-fighting technology.

There are several cities using this now, and since the implementation, crime rate has reduced.

Gunshot detection:





Stephen Ward

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