Bell pledges to grow employment in Toledo by reducing barriers to job creation

Just days after Forbes Magazine listed Toledo as the worst medium-sized city in America to find a job, Mike Bell will announce a strategy designed to make job development more effective here at a press conference on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 9:30 a.m. in Levis Square in Downtown Toledo.

As Mayor, Mr. Bell will institute three key changes within city government in the first 30 days: Establish the Mayor’s Business Advocate, a position that would report directly to Mr. Bell as a member of his senior staff. Tasks would include guiding people through the process of establishing a business in Toledo, identifying opportunities as well as roadblocks in economic development, and maintaining regular contact with Toledo’s major employers.

End turf wars within the city bureaucracy that currently create barriers for new businesses to locate or expand their facilities in Toledo. Mr. Bell was successful as Ohio Fire Marshal in streamlining operations and making the office more responsive to the public. He will consolidate all city departments responsible for permits, inspections, business incentives into a single location that is convenient and accessible and will treat potential employers as customers.

Initiate a plan to use technology to give on-line review and approvals of new projects – getting new development on track faster by slashing turnaround time. Electronic permitting has been done successfully in cities like Cincinnati, Chicago and Tucson for years. It’s time Toledo takes the next step in developing a competitive edge in recruiting new development and new jobs.

Mike Bell served as Toledo fire chief and recently returned from Columbus where he served as Ohio’s fire marshal. Running as an Independent, this is his first campaign for public office. What: Mike Bell to announce plan to reduce barriers for business development When: Wednesday, May 6, 2009; 9:30 a.m. Where: Levis Square (at the intersection of Madison Ave. and St. Clair St.)

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It's time for Mike Bell to present us with something original instead of giving us repeated attempts to impress us voters with published platforms from the other candidates. Many citizens want Mike Bell to be our next mayor, but the majority of us need him to give us more than a big smile, statements from other campaign platforms and an unshakeable reputation as a nice guy. I would like to vote for Mike Bell, but he's got to show me something.

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