Now Really Confused

On May 1st, the news media announced that only 75 policemen would be laid off. According to the Mayor, the stimulus money would be used to keep the remaining 75 policemen, instead of purchasing police equipment .
On May 2nd, our dear Mayor announced "that if City Council did not accept his budget, by May 31, then he had no option to layoff more officers on June 1st. Some members of City Council want to see the Mayor and the unions set down and negotiate contracts, which end December 31st, before asking citizens to dig deeper within their pockets.
The demands from Carty are an increase in the trash fees, owner;s house insurance to be build for any occuring fires serviced by the fire department, and a reduction in tax credits for people that live in Toledo, but work in the suburbs. If CCity Council does not accept the proposals, then what happens rest "on their shoulders"
My question is this, is Carty throwing a temper trantrum because City Council will not bow down to his wishes and thus blackmails them with the threat "It is on your shoulders routine?"
What happened to the stimulus money that Carty promised to use? Talk about confusion, stories change daily.

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pure and (like czarty) simple...

Hooda Thunkit

Could the Mayor have mental problems, such as being bi-polar?

Mary Brandeberry

Here's what I understood about the layoffs, using inside information:

- 150 layoffs.
- Of those, ~140 are in field operations.
- Of those, ~75 would be covered by re-assignment from desk jobs, etc.
- However, the injunction by 20 command officers would create another 20-person hole; Czarty is likely to cut those directly.
- More re-assignments, like the Sgt that the DHS wants to remain behind a desk as a liaison, and long-term field-op light-duty people; maybe 5-15.

End product: loss of 90-100 officers from field ops, which out of ~240, means a loss of 40% from our street patrols and 911 response.

This will happen regardless, and by May/June, since that's what Czarty wanted all along (with an alleged demand of 150 layoffs upon Navarre from the beginning), and that's all he indicates he'll support. On top of that, since the latest contract-nego of 15% was rejected by the city, it also seems likely that remaining patrolmen will face at least a 20% drop in pay (for example, another 5% pick-up of health care, a 5-10% pay cut, and a 5-10% pick-up of pension contrib).

If you can do so: ARM YOURSELF. Make sure you can also USE your personal firearm, since just having a gun doesn't make you effective with it. Go to the firing range enough times that you feel assured that you can pull that gun and fire it with confidence and safety.

P.S. Remember, we have about 600 uniformed officers. Having less than half of those in field ops is a travesty of high order, so our police department has been PERVERSE for decades. It's our fault. We never elected representatives who EVER wanted to fix our city staffing perversities.

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