Should the mayor of Toledo call in the National Guard to protect the city?

Yes - bring in the troops and protect the citizens
43% (18 votes)
No - Wait to see what happens first and hope for the best
57% (24 votes)
Total votes: 42
No votes yet

He's got SUCH a good rapport with the armed forces anyway..

Just think of the irony. . .

Hooda Thunkit

Guard and the Marines two different entities? Why would either be needed in Toledo? Are we under siege? Can we take personal responsibility for our own actions? Or does that only work in certain instances?

LMAO.....that's too funny...

Carty would run them off!

Too scary you know...

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Would that even be legal?
What about "posse committatus" ?(sp)

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I believe they are exempt from Posse Comitatus. Since we are the North Coast we may qualify.

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Not applicable unless federal call-up. State can call up for that purpose. btw, Carty can only request that the Governor call up the Guard. Carty doesn't have that authority - not that lack of authority is anything more than a speedbump to Carty...

The Ohio Army National Guard can only be mobilized by the governor upon declaration of a state of emergency (or by a presidential order to supplement regular armed forces, like in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts). National Guard members cannot be individually mobilized, but can only be mobilized with their respective units.

Toledo is well-known to be Ohio's bitch step-daughter because of our esteemed political machines, we can be for certain that we're fucked if the National Guard is truly nessassary.

But it's a relief that the Marines aren't part of the equasion, huh?

Just think, if Carty calls in the National Guard they will all be deployed on River Road.