Carty Calls Wagner A Liar

The mayor has claimed in his latest press release that Dan Wagner "deliberately misled" the media and the public about the agreement from the other night.
Now who do you believe? Dan Wagner or Carleton S. Finkbeiner who has lied about:
winning a Jaycee Man Of The Year Award,
putting 700 officers on the street ,
lowering the trash fee after the first year,
hitting an employee with a coffee cup,
rebuilding Southwyck in his first year,
making $10,000 per concert at the Erie Street Market
etc etc etc (as Yul Brynner would say)

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I believe Dan Wagner of course. His honor, Mayor Carty Finkbinder should consider past remarks and denials before calling anyone a liar. Who stated that if we passed the 3/4 tax increase, that not one policeman would be laid off? Who cried that we have to balance the budget, but wanted to use money to send a rep,. to Florida over a contest.? Who spent thousands of dollars in creating a Civic Center, stating that it would bring more money to Toledo? Who stated later, that perhaps the Civic Center wasn't such a great idea after all? Who stated that the city would use the stimulus money for payroll so that no more police would be laid off? Then on the following day threatened City Council with more police lay offs, on Jume 1st, if they did not pass his budget by May 31st. ? No one but his majesty Mayor Carty Finkbinder.

Mary Brandeberry

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