Bell Reveals New Website

Provides Opportunity for Citizens to Keep in Touch, Contribute, Volunteer

Mike Bell has unveiled a new website for Toledo residents to keep tabs on the progress of the campaign for Toledo’s next Mayor. The website, highlights Bell’s experience as well as key issues he would address if elected, provides an opportunity for voters to ask questions of Mike, voice concerns, volunteer or make a contribution. There are also several links to social media to help keep voters connected.

The site was designed by Communica, under the direction of Kristin Kiser, Director of Internet Services. Communica is a local advertising agency with a long history of working with the Toledo business community. Kristin is available for comment regarding the technical aspects of the site as well as the integral elements that were added to ensure voters can remain informed and in touch with Mike Bell throughout the campaign.

Mike Bell has previously served as Toledo’s Fire Chief. He retired from his role as Ohio Fire Marshal on April 13th to run for Mayor of Toledo. Despite over 20 in public service, this is his first experience running for elected office. What: New Bell Campaign Website Unveiled When: Website will be live Thursday, April 30, 2009

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I'm tingling...He should of had a government worker do it. He is anti-business!!

"Toledo’s government is powerless to help its residents until it gets the $30 million budget shortfall under control. Mike believes that this can happen through direct but respectful negotiations with city unions, finding better ways to deliver city services, and getting expensive long-term development projects off the city’s books. "

Well Mr Bell, I'll believe that last little item when I see it. Toledo's government finances are loused up with all sorts of expensive little project costs that seem to hang around forever. All that downtown-housing financing is a fine example. Aren't there $30 million in bad bonds for that crap alone? That Toledoans will be paying off for 30 years? All because a bunch of egotists and elitists downtown thought that they could direct people to live in downtown Toledo in all-too-expensive housing merely by pure force of will?

Show me with one concrete example after another, about how you'll remove these sorts of liabilities from us.

I heard yesterday that a popular Toledoen was asked who he thought Toledo's next mayor would be. His answer was, "It's Mike Bell's election to lose". I agree. Mike Bell, as nice of a person as he is, doesn't come close to being the right person for the job. The coming months will tell the story. Mike has charisma and an exceptional record as Toledo's Fire Chief. My recommendation to MIke is that he abandon this waste of time and money and help a qualified candidate to win the election. We need Mike back as Fire Chief. Besides, how can Mike win the election and be an acceptable mayor if he has Jack Ford advising him on election strategy. We witnessed how Jack Ford does things.

Every time Bell does something that's common-place it seems like there is always someone ready to exhaltate him as someone remarkable. What's so special about Bell establishing a web site? It really upsets me that Mike is getting all this press because he is such a nice guy. Carty pretended he had become a nice guy and we got fooled into electing him again. Most of the time bad things disgiuses themselves as good things. When they get what they want, out comes the real face or incompetence. We elected Jack Ford because he wasn't Ray Kess. We elected Carty Finkbeiner because he wasn't Jack Ford. Some people want to elect Mike Bell because he's nobody.
Scotty Beam me up!

Mike Bell is just riding the coattails of Obama. He is getting the same Media Frenzy BHO got and is destined to follow the same path on a local level.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I agree with you, KraZyKat. Voters in Toledo will have to come to their senses, however. Who we elect this time is very critical. To me BHO at least can give a great speech. I can't think of anything Mike Bell can do, except be a nice guy.

Mike Bell is just riding the coattails of Obama

which is why Every time Bell does something that's common-place it seems like there is always someone ready to exhaltate him as someone remarkable.

that being said, I do like the guy personally - I said that from the get-go, but Im hearing better platforms from other candidates...

Still in all - its VERY early.

It's no doubt about it, Mike Bell is a fantastic individual, but so was Jimmy Carter. As we all know Jimmy Carter was one of the worst President's in history.

I keep hearing rumors that Mike Bell is courting Jack Ford as an advisor. Does this mean that Jack Ford is trying to get back into City government in a Bell administration?


In the past month, Bell has been accused of being Carty's puppet, then an Obama coattail-rider, and now he's controlled by JFo. Are we to believe Bell is being controlled by both the A and B democrats? What's next, the shocking revelation that Mike Bell is both pro choice and pro life?

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at


Ask not for whom the Bell tolls...

He was just interviewed on Bridges. The man knows exactly how to turn Toledo around.

I met Jim Moody for the first time last Friday. YUK!!! He's a Carty clone like Konop, except Konop is much younger.

What about him makes you think he's like Carty & Konop? From what I've been hearing from him is exactly the opposite of those guy's, but would like to know more about your views.

I met him also and his platform is just not beleivable. He speaks one thing, but when you look into his eyes while he's speaking he shifts his eyes to the right when he is trying to make a key point. In my opinion he's not being truthful.

We are to believe Bell is being influenced by the very people that got Toledo in trouble. There is no A team or B team. There are Democrats and there are despots. You figure which is which.

If you really analyze things, there is not much difference in Mike Bell and Jack Ford. Say nothing and do nothing and you're safe, except when someone comes along like Carty and calls you out. This is not an endorsement of Carty, but a clear indication of bigger tradegies for Toledo. If Bell is elected, he is destined to be another Jack Ford, opening the door for another crazy man to give us empty promises and disastorous results. The bigger question is, who will be the nut-case we will elect in 2013 with promises of correcting Bell's incompetent, failed administration. Toledo is making a big mistake if Mike Bell's popularity keeps blinding potential voters. Let the debates begin. I can't wait to hear Mike Bell's canned answers, unless his ventriloquist is close by.

Maybe Mike Bell's new web site will give us a chance to get some specific answers. Will he answer the questions or will we get expertly crafted answers from one of his supporters? I have a few questions i would like to ask. I want to know what is Mike Bell's committment to family and the community? Family and community is very important in our city. Unlike our present mayor whose family has moved somewhere else to get away from him, what is Mike's relationship with his wife and kids? What is Mike's relationship with the churches? What is Mike's business and development expertise? What is Mike's platform, period?

If we can ask questions on his new web site, I wonder if he will answer questions about the treatment of women in the fire department when he was chief? I don't know all the facts, but why did three female fire fighters win gender bias discrimination cases against him after he fired them for complaining about their treatment by male firefighters. I hear the case is not over yet. My understanding is that Mike Bell was forced by the courts to hire the women back and the harrassment portion of the case is still in litigation.

Mike isn't saying much of anything. He can't get into much trouble by keeping quiet. I don't think he will bring up the issue about the female fire fighters. Lets see what he has to say during the debates.

I just received a phone call that a weekend strawpole was being conducted and Wilkowski had over 60% of the vote. Does anyone know who is doing the strawpole?

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