Site updates

Today is a good day to give you an update on some site updates.
1. A new notification system has been installed on the site. If you like to get the latest posting updates by e-mail, the service has been greatly improved. You can now subscribe to individual content types, like stories and polls and it also gives you a comment update too. Basically it is the old system on steroids. The old system has been turned off, so if you are interested in getting e-mail updates or to have them re-established, please do so on the "my account" option on the right then choose notifications.
2. New auto-tagging feature: There is a new auto tagging feature installed on the site, which will better help organize content. If you post your story and see a bunch of new tags added to it, don't worry, they are supposed to be there. This auto tagging system will open up a bunch of cool features which I am now slowly working to implement.
Stay tuned for more...

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