City Council out of touch with Citizens

I listened to Maggie Thurbers interview with Lindsey Webb last night on WSPD and I was stunned. What planet is she from? When Maggie asked her about charging the citizens for police and fire runs, Lindsey goes off on a tangent about council procedures. Doesn't she understand we don't want to pay anymore for the services we already are taxed twice for in our payroll and 3/4 % tax? If the rest of city council is out of touch as she is it is no wonder the city is in the state it is. I think the best thing that could happen is the state takes the city over, then maybe we will get to the bottom of this financial mess and may even find out what they are all trying to hide.

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...tries to actually collect on the bills they send out. They might just end up with a lot of empty properties on their hands. Remember the efforts to "homestead" properties the city owned in the late 70's-early 80's? How well did that work out?

Old South End Broadway

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