Tom Schlachter, chairman of the group that organized and conducted the recall of mayor Carty Finkbeiner reacted to the mayor's recent challenge of the legitimacy of the effort as well as individual signatures and petitions.

"Mayor Finkbeiner has the right to challenge this process," said Schlachter. "However, a third-party attorney hired by city council has already ruled in our favor. The Lucas County Board of Elections, which has a great deal of knowledge and experience in validating petitions and signatures has already validated more than 20,000 of our signatures. Therefore, we're confident we'll prevail against any challenge the mayor launches."

Take Back Toledo was organized in January 2009 to recall mayor Carty Finkbeiner as well as work toward electing a new mayor who understands economic development and is more "business friendly" than Carty Finkbeiner. The group cited among its reasons for recalling Mayor Finkbeiner his fiscal irresponsibility and penchant of embarrassing the city on a national and international scale.

Schlachter was quick to dismiss being labeled a "malcontent". "Carty said he would not leave the city to a group of 'self-interested malcontents from outside the city'. If Carty is recalled, Mark Sobczak will become mayor. As far as I know, Mark is a resident of the City of Toledo and I've never heard anybody call him a malcontent."

Schlachter added that the group is still examining the issue of placing the recall question on the November 3 ballot as opposed to the September 15 ballot. "We're consulting with legal counsel, but we haven't decided whether or not to challenge the clerk's decision to place it on the November ballot."

"This has been a steep mountain to climb," Schlachter added. "I will say that the [Lucas County] board of elections and [clerk of council] Jerry Dendinger have been exceptionally professional through this entire process.

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How exactly is hizzoner paying for the attorneys for this legal challenge? If he is using city funds, doesn't this prove his irresponsibility?

I'm not sayin, just sayin

I don't know either, but we all asked the same question about his legal fees to pay attorneys to defend himself in the Griffin, Morehead, Daugherty, and King cases. A little at a time and away from the apprval of City Council.

According to the news media, City Council is planning to gather signatures (petition) to cut back to 9 City Council members by dismissing 3 of the "at large members". This is to appear on the September ballot. I think that if City Council can get the petition on the ballot in September, then the recall for Mayor Finkbinder should also appear on the September Ballot, instead of the November. The quicker Carty is removed from office the better.

Mary Brandeberry

How much is the September election going to cost the taxpayers?
Why can't council wait two months and put it to a vote in the election that is already scheduled so that there wouldn't be another bill for Toledoan's to pay?

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