Julia Bates: What About Danny Brown?

I have written about my friend Danny Brown many times in print, in journals, and on this blog. He is a man wrongly incarcerated for a 1981 rape-murder, and who DNA evidence helped free in 2001.

Danny, however, remains in legal limbo because Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates and her investigators still consider Danny Brown to be a suspect. Given the fact that there is no statute of limitations on murder cases, Danny could conceivably remain under a cloud of suspicion for the rest of his life. Moreover, as long as Danny is a "suspect," he cannot collect the compensation due to him under a state program set up for such cases of wrongful incarceration.

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Follow this link to learn current news about Danny Brown's fight for justice. Thanks for paying attention to this story, and thanks to anyone who writes Julia Bates demanding justice for Danny Brown.

I have seen Danny standing outside the courthouse, but I didn't know the story, and what a horror story it is! Julia Bates has been in office too long. You're doing a tremendous service for justice by bringing this up, Mike. The Old Boy Network is still functioning in Lucas County, but only for the benefit of the privileged. Danny needs to see justice and Julia Bates should get her knuckles rapped... hard.

I agree Pete the good ol' boy network is still there but don't discount the people. They're the enablers there.

It's the same as the "take back Toledo" campaign.

Yeah I wish you luck in your endeavor but Carty will be replaced most likely with another career politician with equally bad ideas.

Hence why I'm supporting Mike Bell, he's not a career politician. And that would actually be a change for Toledo.


with all the Federal agents in town swarming over Telb and his cronies, a slight whisper in the right ear may get a comment from a federal agent to Jules about this travesty should garner the appropriate solution.

Thanks, Pete and Brian, for your interest in Danny's case and your suggestions. The only thing I can do is write and keep the story alive. Here is Danny from this afternoon standing in the rain outside the courthouse:

From historymike

If you see him some day, buy him lunch or something. I am sure he would appreciate it, and he has decided he will stand outside the courthouse until Bates is up for reelection in 2012 if that is what it takes.

I told him he should also run for prosecutor, and then spend every minute of any candidate debates demanding that she explain herself and her office's failures.


This man was railroaded, big time. I suppose the only thing to do other than contributing a few bucks to his legal fund (or whatever it is) would be to write your State level government critters and complain politely about the obvious misconduct in Julia Bates office.

This is just the kind of case that illustrates the obvious flaws in the criminal justice system. I imagine Danny got a public defender, so I wonder how incompetent his representation was.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Yes, Danny had a public defender and made just about every naive mistake an accused person could make. He voluntarily turned himself in when he saw on the news that police wanted to question him, he waived his rights to having an attorney present during interrogation, allowed the police to bring the 6-year-old "witness" into the interrogation room ("is that the man you saw?"), and foolishly believed that the justice system would sort out the mistakes.

This is a classic case of police mistakes, prosecutorial misconduct, and an innocent person getting the shaft for almost three decades, while the real killer sits behind bars and faces no additional punishment for his crime.

This is a tragedy

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