Oberlin student has some disappointments at Kaptur meeting

An Oberlin College reported on his meeting with Marcy Kaptur and came away with some good and bad from the meeting.
"Overall she seemed very sensitive to our concerns, passionately interested about green jobs, and truly invested in making Ohio’s voice a player at the table. I did not however appreciate her characterization of this legislation as a coastal-liberal-elite-unaware-of-the-problems-of-the-Midwest endeavor. "

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Coastal-liberal-elite-unaware-of-the-problems-of-the-Midwest. Marcy is correct we are forgotten by the coastal elites. One only has to see what coastal Dems have done after the election rhetoric which promised trade reform and help for the battered Midwest manufacturing sector. Hundreds of billions for the coastal elite bankers but a bone for Detroit auto workers. If this continues many from the Midwest will reconsider come next election time.

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If you'd like to see my apology to Northern Ohio readers who may have been offended and continue the conversation, I encourage you to check out a later post here:


There's more I could have said, but I hope this clarifies some of the mistakes I made in my representation and commentary on the event. I welcome your response, and look forward to keeping the conversation going.

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