Police vs Trash Cans

First of all, it was adding a shower to the Mayor's office, bad idea. Then it was going behind city council's back and purchasing Erie Street Market ; followed by visions of all the money that would roll in once the Civic Center was completed. Again, another bad idea which failed. Next, it was forcing a recycling plan on the genral public by adding yet another fee for trash pickup'; with those who did not recycle paying the most. This too failed, and the recycling cost the city money.
Now, to help solve the city defict, it is decided that if the union does not agree with the city, then the choice is to layoff 150 or perhaps more police officers. Yet at the same time, the mayor and council is talking about investing 10 million dollars (?) for trash cans and automatic trucks according to the news media. One television station has reported that several hundred policemen are donning t-shits stating I called 9-1-1 and all I got was this lousy trash can, in protest.
Hello, is anyone home, although the lights are on. Apparently, trash pickup and the methods used are more important than the safety of Toledo's citizens. After all, by switching to the new plan, all the garbage containers will be the same. No more bags, dented cans, and spilled trash lining the streets; a neater looking Toledo, and at the expense of the police and public safety. (Carty's idea of moving trash pickup from alley to residentual streets)
Has anyone actually checked into what this would actually cost the city, such as the cost of fuel, are these trucks computerized, and if they break down, how much will the repairs cost? Can these trucks get down all the streets of Toledo, or will the residents have to find another place to park on trash pickup day? Not everyone in the city has a drive way.
Could this be another far fetched idea that could cost the city more than expected. Where is this money coming from? If the city has to layoff not only police offices but other city employees, because of the 27.7 million deficit, how can the city be planning to spend 10 million dollars on trash cans? Or will the general public be charged yet another fee for services we are already paying for? Something is not right. .

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for Garbage Cans. I don't think so!

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Toledo's "glory is its shame."

I wonder if any elected official would be honest enough to admit to himself or herself that these policies and actions have merely postponed the inevitable--i.e. due to this giant deficit receivership seems to be liklier each passing day.

I am not informed enough about receivership to say if that would be Toledo's best option, but when the administration and city council tells us, "we have made every cut we possibly can", we know that they are lying.

So the question is, would the State of Ohio also lie to us or would they tell us the truth and find more places in the budget where cuts could be made?

At what point will individuals decide to do what is in their own best self-interest and get their own "s**t together and move out?

One of the issues with "picking up and moving out" is being trapped and held hostage through ownership...

I cant simply chuck my residence and my rental properties and move on...

Although I'm seriously considering becoming an "absentee landlord" and renting out section 8 to piss off the city...deal with yourself assholes...

9 million for garbage cans and layoffs for cops...


*still grumpy*

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

I need to move to the Burbs to escape this madness. Anyone interested in a home in South Toledo near Highland Park. Yeah...I didn't think so. :(

Guess I'm stuck too.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Hey, man, at least garbage cans do something. Cops don't.

Patience is a great virtue.

The amount of the recycling discount was not the Mayor's idea, and at the time the discount was given the bottom had not dropped out of the recycling industry so the City was not spending more than it was taking in.

Secondly, the cost of building a new landfill is much more than what is currently being spent, nor is it expected for the recycling industry to remain non-profitable for more than the next 6 months.

I don't support the City paying almost 9.7 million dollars for trash cans, I think they should do what other city's have done and charge for a second can, only providing residents with one trash can and one recycling can -- that would cut the amount needed probably in half --which is not 9.7 million dollars coming from 2009 or even 2010, it's being financed over quite a few years, the same as the trucks would be financed if new ones are purchased. Payments would not start until 2010, so this really isn't an issue related to the 2009 deficit. Worth being concerned about and discussing? Yes, but whether or not these cans are purchased has no direct bearing on any of the current layoffs.

We don't remember days only moments...

Hell yes this will have a direct influence on the budget. It is the thinking such as you are displaying that has the city in its current perdicament. It doesnt matter if the bill for trash cans comes due next year...the year after that or the year after that. The city has no business purchasing trash cans for the residents. The city has NEVER bought trash cans for residents and shouldnt now. They should tell the public "were going to automation....if you want your trash picked up your going to have to purchase YOUR OWN trash container or else you trash will not be picked up." There is no need for the city to waste money on garbage cans

Say, man, no need to shout in UPPER CASE LETTERS! about what you're thinking. Merely express your point of view. Let others soak in your thoughts. Sit back for a while, have a toke, and THINK THINGS THROUGH!!! Then continue contributing to this stream of consciousness. By the way, honey, I ain't got THE MONEY to buy MY OWN garbage can. Be a good Toledoan and send a few bucks my way. Erstwise, I might have to dump all my stuff into your trash can.

Patience is a great virtue.

Its not my responsability to provide trash cans for any residence other than my own. Apparently you are prefectly fine sitting on your rear allowing the government to hand things to you I prefer to go out and work for the things i need in life. "Iaint got the money?" you think the city is going to give you "free" trash cans and let it go at that? Let me tell you I am in the pilot program, a car hit one of the cans they had provided so I called to have it replaced/fixed. The replacement would cost 65 dollars and they cant/wont assist in getting parts to fix a damaged can. So one way or another you will be buying the cans.

The trash can purchase created a scenario where it was cops or trash cans. That is not accurate. Nor is the full over 9 million for the cans coming out of the general fund for 2010. It will be in a little over one million dollar increments per year for ten years.

I think Toledo residents should pay for the cans required for the automatic pick up or at least at a minimum be provided the minimum number and then have to purchase more if they want more than one, but I'm not going to pretend that this decision is going to cost cops their jobs.

It doesn't, and considering the misinformation being put out there in that? Very few are interested in the truth, all they are interested in is the hype.

We don't remember days only moments...

That may be true, but then arent we just adding onto the deficit for the next ten years? So it will effect safety force numbers over the long term. and over ten year?????? When was the last time any one had a trash can that last that long. As I stated in the previous post the cans are nice but the wheels will break easily and the city will not replace them. I just think it would be better for the cities financial future long term to have the residents purchase there own can. I would think that if the home improvment stores knew they where going to sell 200,000 of these they may have a price war and the citizens may be able to purchase the can cheaper than the city could.

"whether or not these cans are purchased has no direct bearing on any of the current layoffs. "

That's true, what our elected officials are doing now always afftects Toledo's future. However, the reverse is also true. Past decisons have affected our present. The current situation we find ourselves in, viz. this deficit is a reflection of incompetent, irrepsonsible, unaccountable decisions that were made in the past.

How do we know this? Because "feeling good" vis a vis "Toledo Pride", "Strong for Toledo" , and our self-esteem is made a top-priority.

When it comes right down to it, all of these "feelings" are meaningless. They don't mean jack if all we have to show for it is higher fees, taxes, fines, crime, less police and fire protection.

Feelings are meaningless, so is rhetoric. The basic reason why Toledo has the elected representation it has is because that's who the majority of people have voted in, same for the State and the same for the nation.

If Toledo were the only city facing a deficit that'd be one thing, but we aren't. Those who want to blame the Mayor for everything give Council, and both political parties a free skate.

We don't remember days only moments...

From Lisa Renee:Those who want to blame the Mayor for everything give Council, and both political parties a free skate.

I can't speak for any who want to blame the mayor for everything, but I can speak for one individual who blames the mayor, the city council and the labor unions for Toledo's state, which is best described as monetarily barren and morally bankrupt.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

And I'd agree with you. The games played as to who gets the financial support, endorsements which unions are involved in are part of the problem.

We don't remember days only moments...

...that the city's government is just trying to break their unions. Perhaps they are right.

If the city government is willing to spend $10 million on garbage cans for an automated system when we could contract with a solid waste company such as "Waste Management" or "BFI", and stop being on the hook for future benefits and retirement, then I guess there is plenty of money hidden to pay the other unions. I say "don't worry, be happy!"

Old South End Broadway

Didn't want to bid on this system, nor did it appear the company who did bid wanted to provide the cans, and with an automated system there are a certain type of cans that have to be used. Which is part of the reason why the City determined it would be better to provide the cans.

This has been discussed for well over a year as to the reasoning why the City was going to purchase the cans.

I can imagine the outrage from some who when told they had to pay $50.00 for a can to use for automation then have it stolen because the guy down the road didn't want to buy one but decided to steal one. If every household was provided at least one, that's the argument that was used in support of that. I think people should pay for them, but the reality is many wouldn't, so their garbage would pile up and then the City would be forced to address that.

It's the same argument used against just ending trash collection and having people have to hire their own, the fear that certain areas of Toledo would not do so so that the collection costs would remain.

We don't remember days only moments...

I do not think that spending $9,000,000.00 over ten years so that everyone has a trash can will stop the spread of trash in the streets. Two reasons:

1. Trash is already an issue. Look around. Drive anywhere in the city and notice all the trash lying around. Garbage everywhere. Mostly in the impoverished neighborhoods. The citizens just don't give a F***! It has nothing to do with if they have a can or not. I wonder where it is written that being poor equates to be ignorant, sloppy, dirty and socially inept at being able to perform the basic duties of a civilized society. Now before everyone goes off on me saying I am stereotyping the poor I will say not so. I grew up poor. We had little. My parents taught me how to take a bath, put on clean cloth, care for our property, cut the lawn (Manual push mower here) AND...Take out the trash, put it in the can and not strew it about the neighborhood.

2. These cans will not last ten years and we will have to pay out of our own pockets to purchase new or risk not having the trash picked up. I heard the claim that the life-cycle on these cans are 10-15 years and LMAO. Boy, somebody was sold a bill of goods! When the temperature is Zero these plastic cans will become brittle. The clamp on the truck will break them like a pretzel with a hammer. And if the clamp doesn't break them, slamming them back to the ground will surely break the wheels making them unusable for many seniors who will not be able to drag 45, 60 or 90 gallon cans full of garbage to the curb.

So, the 9 million dollars whether spread out over 2, 5, 10, or 20 years is still a waste of money coming out of our tax dollars. Here is a thought, lets take the 9 million dollars and repair some roads and spread the repayment out over ten years!

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

iI beg to differon whether the city provided trash cans in the past. When recycling was started the city provided orange recycling bins to start. Im still use mine and most of the neighbors do also.


We were'nt faceing a 27 million dollar budget hole back then and it was for recycling not trash

nation is having to make hard decisions about who to lay off. What makes Toledo any different? You all act like Toledo is the only city in America laying off people.
It is happening everywhere, even in the suburb of Monroe, Michigan.

What part of Depression don't you understand?

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