Mike Bell on Campaign Trail

Mike Bell on the campaign trail. Where has he been and what has he done?
We need some answers. Just being a nice guy is not a qualification for being mayor. Is everyone being so accomodating to Mike Bell because Carty referred to him as King Kong? We need a mayor who has more experience than being a part-time Rambo.

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Mike Bell ran the Toledo fire division for several years. Mike Bell ran the office of Fire Marshall for the State of Ohio. By all accounts, he ran them both well! Which announced candidate has more executive experience in government than Mike Bell?

Im a big guy too. MY boss has called me his right hand gorrilla any number of times - he meant it as a compliment.

Im sure Carty meant it the same way.

What we need is a list of race neutral animals to refer too so certain people arent offended. Most of whom know the truth, but are just being asses to get attention. ( I do believe that ass is race neutral still, isnt it?)

How about the hulk? He was green, no one can get offended by THAT one.

Mike Bell is one of Cartys cronies.... Anti-business and PRO - Union. He and Carty took private business away from the ambulance services, and he was chief when these ungodly contracts were negotiated. You don't see him weighing in on these issues much do you...WHY he was part of the problem...

This is a legitimate issue for discussion. It refers directly to Mike Bell in his job as Fire Chief.

As someone who has had to use an emergency ambulance service while in the City of Toledo, all I care about is if the response time and the treatments given are as good, better, or worse, than they were when ambulance services were run by private businesses. I really don't care who employs the EMTs, if they are well trained and get to those who need them on time. There is ample evidence that neither the private sector nor the public sector always does every job better than the other. Each case must be analyzed individually.

As far as Mike Bell being a "Carty crony", who knows? Previously working for Carty hardly makes anyone a "Carty crony". One of Carty's former strongest supporters helped to lead the superfluous, Quixotic, wasteful, expensive, "Take Back Toledo" recall effort. Let's wait to see if Carty endorses Mike Bell, or anyone else.

Mike Bell has done an excellent job at running Toledo's Fire Department, at least that's what the image is. I hear other things that are not so flattering.
Has Mike Bell ever been a councilman? Has Mike Bell run a government function that has been a business type function? Does Mike Bell have any legal training? Has Mike Bell successfully spear-headed any important community intiatives? Has Mike Bell had any experience with development? Has Mike Bell shown any dedication to family life? I have these questions and dozens more.

And, as far as the King Kong thing, Carty had the opportunity to refer to Mike Bell as the Hulk, but chose King Kong instead because time and time again Carty says racial and gender bais statements. What other way are we supposed to take this type of behavior if this is his consistent mode of operation.

Billy, the next time someone calls me the "C" word I'll take it as a compliment and interpret it to mean that I have an extroidinarily happy sex life.

I went to a church with a friend in Central City yesterday and heard some very interesting conversations. Mike Bell is going to have to work extremely hard to get the majority of the votes in Central City. I wonder how he's doing in other parts of the city?

A lot of people seem to be tip toeing around Mike Bell. Let's face it, he's a nice guy. I want a nice guy with some vision and substance as my mayor, not just a nice guy.

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