Madden Finally Retires From Broadcasting! My Year Is Made!

THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! A moment I’ve been waiting for practically my entire adult life. Yeah, I know, I’m in the minority for certain, but I could NEVER stand this goofy non-stop motormouth, and could never understand the nationwide adulation (and millions)heaped on him. Sort of like the Adam Sandler of broadcasting. GOOD RIDDANCE!! I just pray they don’t pull some ‘special surprise’ crap & have him do ‘guest appearances’ on holidays. I will NOT miss him one iota. I’ll actually be able to enjoy watching games again now. The other thing that would kill my ecstacy would be if they brough back Bryan Gumball.

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I hafta wonder what EA Sports is going to do now that their franchise is retiring?

I've not watched more than 10 minutes of a football game in 10 years, my last game being the last Dan Marino home game before he retired.

I hope he stays away from NASCAR tho...


I found him triply annoying, simply because football is the only professional sport I follow.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

A moment I’ve been waiting for practically my entire adult life.

How many years have you had as an adult? Two?
Madden was an excellent, Super Bowl-winning head coach who parlayed his knowledge of pro football into a second career in the broadcast booth.
He''d watched all 22 players on the field, knew what each one was doing, and could instantly point out where one player had faltered, ending up in a loss or a gain.
And he did it in language that football fans loved and appreciated. The safety reads the run and rushes up and smacks down the rb for a two-yard loss on third down. Madden would tell us how and why it took place. And then he would say "BOOM!" with the replay.
Maybe you're too young to appreciate the insight John Madden brought to broadcast football.
Maybe you're a football sissy, Darkseid, who only wants to see long passes. Perhaps you don't understand the game of football. In any case, I'm pretty sure you're a twerp.

Patience is a great virtue.

mr wert, didn't your momma teach you how to play nice??? :) i could care less either way.

it's he'd and not he"d. i know how you hate it when others make grammar mistakes. :)

"it's he'd and not he"d. i know how you hate it when others make grammar mistakes"

Don't worry about that Don. It'll look like a line drive in the box score tomorrow

Pink Slip

I will miss John Madden, though I will not make any claims that he was a Hall of Fame announcer. He knows the game, and he has his moments of useful insight, but he certainly has been capable of some moments of goofiness, like the time when Troy Aikmen lost his contact lens in a game: "Here's a guy, that when he wears his contacts, he sees better."

Ya think, John?

Or the classic Madden quote, which goes something like this: "The team that scores the most points usually wins the game."


Anyways, good luck to him, and football Sundays will no longer be the same.

DarkSeid, and I'm right with you. I'd end up hitting the mute button because I couldn't stand to listen to him. Why didn't he shut the f*** up and let everyone enjoy their beer and the game?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Mr. MadJack,
As Mr. Madden said to a ref after a blown call, I say unto you: "F*** you, can't you see, you ignorant piece of s***?"
He didn't actually say that. John M. was always cool on the sidelines and he had class. He knew how to play the refs. And he knew how to call a game.
BOOM! Did you see it? I doubt it.
Say, man, check up on what the NYTimes and WashPost have to say about the man. Baby, you strike me as someone who likes tennis. MJ, I get the feeling something else is turning on your mute.
Swallow hard and appreciate John Madden.

Patience is a great virtue.


Swallow hard and appreciate my schwantz. Sure funny the 'great coach' never went with another team...isn't it? He was another Ditka or Noll or Bill Walsh, who was in the right place, at the right time, with the right players, and he knew it.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Madden was a dumbass. The rest of the football commentary is now better for him being gone. I will now return to watching MNF from my Madden-induced hiatus.

I'm not discounting his time as a coach. He was a tough guy and a great coach but that doesn't translate in the booth.


Collinsworth is his replacement. He's not bad. He's also not great.

I thought MNF had a great idea with putting a comedian in the booth but Dennis Miller was just the WRONG choice. I've always said Chris Rock would have been better.


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