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Now, time for a little culture!


an incredible moment that changed one life.

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...on our local PBS station, WGTE-FM, on a Sunday night 15-20 years ago. I went out to buy one of my first CDs ("Les Miserables"), and listened to it often for several years. Time to pull it out, and listen again. She has a beautiful voice to go with a beautiful song that's part of a beautiful musical.

Old South End Broadway

...musical, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqDv4FHBw3A&feature=related. Beautiful lyrics, music, and a beautiful voice to carry it.

Old South End Broadway

for sharing that performance with us, it was truly beautiful!

and I do realize this is everywhere on the internets, but I found it in my email yesterday morning and after listening, thought it'd be selfish to not share.

and I'm man enough to admit I wept.

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