Kiel Farm earmark by Kaptur ends up in the 2009 Congressional Pig Book

 Citizens Against Government Waste released the 2009 Congressional Pig Book. CAGW  identifieded 10,160 projects at a cost of $19.6 billion in the 12 Appropriations Acts for fiscal 2009. The Kiel Farm purchase makes a showing in the book with a pearl of wisdom by Marcy Kaptur about the purchase. 


$237,500 by House THUD Appropriations Subcommittee member Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) to acquire the remaining 62 acres of Keil Farm, a park in Toledo.  Kaptur told the Toledo Business Journal, “We must showcase our hidden assets such as Keil Farm, continue to enhance them, and market our quality of life.  I see Toledo as a ‘city in a garden.’  Creating a green hub in our urban environment will help raise an awareness about the importance of productive land and its adjacent water resources.”

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Why on earth is a private farm being purchased by the city? Smells like a clear payoff for somebody who wanted to sell their land but didn't want to submit to market pricing.

Of course farms smell – usually of manure. Leave it to Marcy to have the government pork and stimulus apparatus buy a pile of shit with our tax dollars.

BTW, is this grazing land for Democrat jackasses?

I believe we need to maintain the parks we have - and even then, to a point.

but to EXPAND them during a time of financial crisis?

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