Artomatic 419 is back!

I hope you all get a chance to check this amazing event out! home grown, and free to the public! for more information. You've got to see what we've done to the space. It's truly amazing. Here are some pictures of the art being installed (along with some pictures from the previous 2 artomatics)

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As one who has some pretty good shots I aim to share, I was encouraged to check out artomatic419. I was disappointed that everything they do is on the seventh day Sabbath (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset). That cancels their events for me and undoubtedly discriminates against others as well.

It's open until 11.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

but unable to participate. Perhaps it's all a blessing in disguise. Recently I read the book about IKEA and its founder and how pert near everything that appeared to be a roadblock actually helped further his company in the long run!


Im sure that's the reason they chose that day. To discriminate against you.

I never said they purposely chose Saturdays to discriminate against Sabbath-keepers. It is something that was undoubtedly overlooked...until now.

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