Mayor of Oregon against TARTA tax

Marge Brown is cool to the TARTA tax.


Oregon Mayor Marge Brown and some members of city council last Monday said they were against a proposal to expand the TARTA bus system for all of Lucas County that would be funded by a sales tax instead of the current property tax,


A study from a consultant hired by TARTA recommended in February that a half-cent sales tax would provide service expansion and financial stability to Lucas County, including Oregon.


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Mayor Marge is fighting the good fight. I don't know how much clearer it can be made to TARTA officials. WE DON'T WANT TARTA IN OREGON!

Give 'em hell Marge!

Brian, what's wrong with having TARTA in Oregon?

Nearly thirty years ago I worked downtown for a short period. I walked a half mile from my home to the bus stop, from which the bus schedule gave me the option of taking me to work about 45 minutes earlier than my employer would let me in or 5 minutes late. Since I didn't always finish at the same time the return trip could be a guessing game too. I could easily kill two hours a day on the commute for a 12 minute trip by car. Since then, I used the TARTA shuttle from Miracle Mile to go to a Mud Hens game once a few years ago. Using TARTA to get to work or any of my usual stomping grounds these days is totally impractical and I doubt if my case is unique. I am sure there are a handful of people that both live and work near a regular bus route, but for most of us it means paying for something we will likely never use. I am not surprised Oregon doesn't want it.

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