Kaptur files disclosure only after being asked by CQ Politics why she did not

Kaptur has another problem and what is interesting is the group of people her name is coming up with. The peer group of people who did not file are some of the same players in the PMA Scandal. The law says she must file 3/29; she did not.


Lawmakers Slow to Comply With New Filing Requirement

Some senior congressional appropriators are among those with known connections to committees that did not register as leadership PACs, until after being asked about missing the deadline.

They include: Reps. John P. Murtha , D-Pa., who controls the Majority PAC; Todd Tiahrt , R-Kan., who runs Heart PAC; Peter J. Visclosky , D-Ind., with Calumet PAC; Alan B. Mollohan , D-W.Va., with Summit PAC; C.W. Bill Young , R-Fla., with Victory Political Action Committee; andMarcy Kaptur , D-Ohio, with the TrueDem Leadership Fund.


Why is it important:


Such widespread failure to officially declare their connections to so-called “leadership PACs” means it may be some time before voters can see whether their senators and representatives have auxiliary funds that let them distribute money separately from their re-election committees.


The deadline was set by the FEC as it implemented a larger campaign finance overhaul law passed in September 2007 (PL 110-81). While more than 230 lawmakers met the deadline, a significant number with known connections to leadership PACs did not .



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At least Marcy Kaptur filed after being questioned about it, unlike the unprofessional lack of response I've received when I questioned her about the failure of president usurper Soetoro/Obama to prove he is a natural born citizen. To be fair, Senator Voinovich has also failed to respond to such legitimate concerns and honest questions. Are the politicians who play deaf, dumb and blind forcing this issue into the streets? Do they want a revolution? With Emperor Obama misleading the United States to self-destruction, it appears we need one.


Hi everybody! Although I am a registered Democrat I sometimes vote for the other guy, (republican)

Congresswoman Kaptur is one example. I hope you will access this link and notice not only the Congresswoman's campaign cash but her involvement or lack thereof in my life, it follows her contributions.


I will again vote against her next election cycle.


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