AP threatens affiliate for embedding video their site

 The Associated Press has proven it really has no clue on what it is doing. Yesterday it threatened a radio station for embedding the content from AP's YouTube site on their own site. When the radio station manager asked AP if it is a crime to embed the video when they allowed it on the YouTube site, they had no answer but said the videos must come down. If that was not bad enough, the radio station was an AP affiliate. No wonder people are leaving the Associated Press left and right. AP is proving once again that they are on a clear road to the bottom by failing to grasp the 21st Century. 

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The other day I get an email from our Regional Radio Representative with the AP in Chicago saying the following…

I noticed you are posting our video content with out a license and have to ask you to remove the AP video content from the site ASAP. If you would like to know more about our web services please contact me.

Not exactly a cease and desist letter, but the point is the same.

I was stunned.

I called him. I said, “How is it a violation of a license agreement if you are actively posting the video on YouTube—on a channel you specifically created to share content—with embed codes for people to post in their websites? Are you telling me that you put it there for people to use……but if they USE IT they’re violating your rights?”


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