Neo-Nazis coming to support Toledo Tea Party?

It looks like the Neo-Nazis are throwing a lot of support behind these "tea-parties". Do any of the people planning on going to these parties (not me) know if the Nazis will be at the Toledo event?

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I didn't see any in uniform neo nazis in the videos posted so I'm curious as to where you got the idea that they were throwing a lot of support behind the tea parties? It seems to be no more or less than many of the blog sites around the country and websites supporting the parties.
I feel secure in saying with as much proof as you have that if Nazis showed up they most likely would not be welcome. But you're certainly welcome to try to start the rumour.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

A few thoughts (for what they are worth) from someone who has studied the white racist subcultures for a while:

1. Stormfront generally disavows itself from neo-Nazis, and the hardcore racists often dismiss Stormfront as "racist-light."

2. The racists with an IQ over 90 (yes, it occurs, and some are quite intelligent) generally are interested in the same political topics as the rest of the world. Some were rabid Paulistas in 2008, others backed McCain, and some actually voted for Obama. I'm setting aside the "vote-Obama-in-so-the-darkie-will-fail-and thus-prove-racism-is-correct" crowd - I have read some racists who actually like his economic policies, and who think he might be the best bet to take on the Jews, who most racists believe are the real problem.

3. Tea parties will attract patriot-leaning people first, and most racists are pretty rabid nationalists. White nationalists, of course, but still nationalists.

4. That being said, the chatter for tea parties seems pretty tepid among the racist crowd. They are more worked up right now about guns supposedly being outlawed by Obama and how DA JOOS are really behind the economic crisis.

5. White nationalists have been pretty down on public rallies lately, and the only neo-Nazi capable of making a decent showing is our old friend Bill White of NSM/ANSWP fame. Unfortunately, he's in a federal pen in Illinois awaiting trial on a number of federal charges, including threatening a jury foreman on a case related to another white nationalist.

Not sure what tea parties you’re speaking of, but the ones sponsored by Glenn Beck or the 912 project I can guarantee that no Nazis would want to come. Only true Americans that want less government and to fulfill the American dream are interested in the tea parties I heard about. But if you’re implying Glenn Beck is a racist in anyway then you are just showing your own neo-Nazi ignorance yourself, I could be wrong and I hope I am and if so I apologize. Frankly I would like to know which of your associates that somehow are affiliated with Nazis said they are backing the tea parties and which ones so I know not to go to it. The ones for the 912projects people we all need to go if we want to remain free and not become the socialist / fascist county we almost are.

Is Glenn Beck sponsoring the tea party in Toledo? I don't think he is, so what does he have to do with anything?

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Pink Slip

im glad you posted that. glenn beck is an idiot

Why don't the people who think government isn't big enough, or that the people in Washington are doing a fine job running the country, have their own get-togethers?

Why don't the people who think government isn't big enough, or that the people in Washington are doing a fine job running the country, have their own get-togethers?

What's to protest? Things are going their way! It's when the chips are down and change is needed that people hit the streets chanting and shaking their angry fists.

Drawing any sort of association between hate-mongering Neo-Nazis and the Tea Party crowd is akin to associating Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers and Barack Obama...Just a means to vilify one through the other....except that there really is/was a relationship between Bill Ayers and Obama.

We already had our get together, It was November 4, 2008.




Sometimes, "the majority" just means all the fools are on the same side.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

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