More Problems for Toledo

After reading the Mayor's Balanced Budget Propsal, I hope that Toledo's City Council has enough sense to veto it entirely. For those who do not have all the facts of the proposal here is what I have found out. Part of Carty's Proposed Budget

Cost Reductions
1. 10% across the board pay cut
2. Suspend PERS for 20009 (Public Employee's Retirement System)
3.Police layoffs (from 75 to 40)
4. Fire Overtime (suggested that Fire Dept Overtime be reduced)
5 10% cut and suspend PERS for 2009 for courts and judges
6. Solid Waste Privatization (How many jobs will be sacrificed and how much more will this action cost the city? After all, the recycling program costs more than what the city gained)
7. 2058 layoffs (more foreclosures and bankruptcies?)
8. Fuel Budget Reductions
9. 36 hour work week for all city employees (reduction in services ?)
10. Police Reductions, non-personal ( Is he talking about horses, bicycles, or what? Can not find a definition for non-personal except machines, and such)
11. Local 7 Contract Savings (Changing contracts or what?)
12. Cut CCNO Budget (Corrections Center Northwest Ohio)
13. Office Supplies
I am totally against such proposals. First of all, the ones who defend this city and put their lives on line on a daily basis, is taking the heat. Secondly, if the city is placed on a 36 hour work week, will service be of a poorer quanity? Third, Carty added to the list of the unemployed, and perhaps increases foreclosures in our "beautiful city."

Perhaps, Carty should ask himself how much of the deficit did he help to create by his frivilous spending, such as the office shower, buying the Erie Street Market for a Civic Center, and what other spendatures that the public is not aware of. I wonder if Cary and his friends were to step down from office, how much money Toledo would save?

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I always find it interesting when I hear that someone is totally against such proposals. All proposals made? Some proposals?

What would you cut and how? There are just so many places that a budget can be cut and in this case the general fund has significant personnel costs. So how do you cut a budget without cutting personnel or reducing wages and fringes?

I do believe that the employee PERS contributions should be picked up by employees. Past city administrations should never have considered this in the first place.

I generally believe in shared sacrifices in times like this so an across the board cut in all budgets and all employee salaries seems fair. There does not have to be layoffs, but pain is something that can't be avoided.

Taxpayers have already seen increased costs. It is time for those working for this fair city to step to the plate - all of them! It won't be easy but everyone could keep their jobs and 90% of a paycheck is better than no paycheck.

I have also heard that the city will run short of cash in the near future. That seems logical when you don't have a rainy day fund and tax revenues have not kept up with expenses. I can't imagine this imbalance can go on for long without the city missing payrolls, etc. And that folks is insolvency! Two weeks, a month, two months - insolvency is coming if something is not done soon to reduce overall city expenses.

Perhaps if the Mayor was not so gung ho to give tax roll backs to large corporations, and did not spend as frivilously as he did, we would not be in the shape that we are now in. As far as some cuts, I realize that they have to be made, but do we really need to layoff over two thousand people as he suggested in his budget. Furthermore, Carty wants privatization of solid waste and to increase the taxes or fees towards it. Has anyone actually checked to see if this would be far less expensive than what the city is paying now? HOw will services be effected if all city employees, including fire and police, are cut back to 36 hours per week?
I disagree with some of the proposals that Carty wants, and hopefully city council will veto this proposal, and then take the time to meet with the Mayor and find better solutions.

Mary Brandeberry

JB - you make some excellent points. I would agree that too much has been overlooked and given away in the past. I have been concerned about tax abatements for years.

But we have a mess. We can't change the past. So, while blame is in order and we should make sure these bums are not elected in Nov., we still have to fix it now.

The only thing that makes sense is for everyone to share. Fees have already been increased and I'm not in favor of the taxpayer bearing the burden directly.

Indirectly we will bear the burden as we will be the folks that see slower response times, unanswered calls and messages, slower pothole remediation..... I think we will share in any cuts regardless even if fees and taxes are not increased. I'm willing to share the pain but I know it was not you and I that made these mistakes.

But in saying that we did not make the mistakes, let's not forget that some in this fair city continue to vote for the same fools again and again.

Our choices right now are limited - the deficit must be eliminated. from the city. Get rid of such individuals as Reinbolt, and the Assistant Chiefs of Staff. It would be interesting to see how the city's administration would operate when the leadership was removed. Lots of time for the "mice" to play.

Old South End Broadway


What happens when Toledo eventually loses the garbage tax/ fee lawsuit?

Firstly, we're not going to see the fat in upper management cut from the city. Doing that would take fiscal conservatism, which has to reside in the mayor and council. They are instead diametrically opposite in that regard. So we've failed as voters to design a fix there.

Secondly, the budget is hugely behind. This is undeniable, and those who deny it will have to deal with cuts from within, or cuts imposed from without (i.e. the state taking over Toledo's finances).

Thirdly, since the fat can't be cut, and cuts must be made, the only conclusion is that cuts lower in the ranks will happen (i.e. closer to the services you see).

This is all perfectly logical and undeniable. True, #1 could change, but that would take too much time. Literally we'd have to replace council members in the next election cycle and in all cycles thereafter. They will have to be replaced with staunch fiscal conservatives who will ONLY say "cut the fat" in EACH AND EVERY MEETING until that fat gets cut and stays cut.

But what are the chances of that happening? Toledoans are not that wise. They think that they should continue voting Democrat, largely from believing that Republicans are evil (note: it's true ... they are merely equally evil as the Democrats are), and that Democrats represent them (which is blatantly false). By continuing to support Democrats around here, they only support egotists and wastrels. Fiscal conservatism is very, VERY far from this political norm.

So, your services will be cut. I'd get a gun, if you don't already have one. Nothing too fancy; a reliable shotgun for the house, loaded with rock salt, and then a cheap 9mm semi-automatic pistol for your car. When the riots and general hooliganism really start up, you're going to need them. Even if you end up running away like a scared little weenie (as a lot of people tend to do, even after the "lesson of 911"), you will still need to defend your household.

Attended a public meeting held at a local library several years ago with Escobar, Sarantou, Ludeman, Beazley, Sherbourne regarding the proposed increase in trash collection fees. Was bothered by recent renewal of 3/4 temporary tax, double fees generated by fire department response to accidents to insurance carriers, and all redundant fees, taxes which had become obfuscating to the taxpayer. Was not presented with a clear answer only that the city was in dire need of funds.
Since this was prior to current downturn, I inquired as to both police and fire sharing the burden by co-pays in their benefits agreement and was pulled aside after the meeting by Sherbourne to be assured that the topic was going to get immediate attention. It must have been put on the back burner awaiting a crisis moment such as now, but the disturbing element is that the faces and names come and go and no one person
is held accountable for continuity of fiscal order. Strongly suggest a re-examination of the city manager form of local governance.

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