This may make you laugh, or scratch your head.

I read a post on another BBS earlier today that I got a chuckle over. Then it made me think about it for a while.

The poster claimed, "there are about 40 million people in the U.S. workforce over age 50".
(actually, from what I found it's more like 69 million)

The government gives each of them one million dollars in return for them retiring.
40, (or 69) million jobs now open, unemployment problem fixed.

Each of the new retiree millionaires buys a new car, auto crisis fixed.

Each of them buys a house, or pays off their mortgage, housing crisis fixed.

NOW, for the important question.........can I get my million retroactive to back to my Jan. 1st retirement date? LOL

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The government doesn't have 40 trillion dollars to hand to the common man. It barely has about 4 trillion to hand to the bankers ... and that amount alone has already "broken the bank" and is taking down our Republic as we speak.

Most 50 year olds couldn't retire at with a million and have it last them 40+ years. My wife and I figure we'll need $2.5-4 million to retire at age 65.

Those are jobs young americans don't want.

Actually the reason that number is inflated is because most HAVE retired. Retiring doesn't mean you don't work. Retiring means you don't HAVE to work. Most retirees find they need to have a job to keep busy. Many are jobs that low paying because it's just to supplement the income if it is needed.

I have 12 years until I can retire. I plan on retiring in 13 (at age 43). Then I'm going to work another job for 20 years but I won't need make as much as I am now to keep the same standard of living. After that I probably will only volunteer my time but still stay busy. All that assuming I don't decide to own my own business which has not been ruled out.


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