How Should Carty Handle TPPA Negotiations

No votes yet the last election. He asked Dan whether the members of the TPPA are now saying "We were wrong"? Who would have been "right" for the TPPA in the last election? Or is this just conservative b.s? Would we have had different circumstances if someone other than Carty had been elected? Would what is being demanded in give-backs have come whether the Mayor was a Republican or Democrat? Can we give the TPPA everything that they demand, or is the mayor right to ask for givebacks?

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You miss the point of the question birdy. It's not whether or not things would be different, that's all speculation. It's whether or not the union will continue to blindly back Democrat candidates based on the perception that Dems will do right by the union. It's the same question blacks need to ask themselves. Should they continue to vote Democrat because of some perceived "care" that the Dems have for them? Or should they look at where they are now, slaves to the state,

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Wow...not sure which is more insulting, the fact that freddy think African-Americans vote for Democrats because they will "care" for them----or that fact that freddy thinks African-Americans are "slaves" to the state.

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The point would seem to be which mayor will squash the TPPA. Right now the blame can be on the Dems. Next time (if there is one) it can be on the Reps.

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Fred, to say African-Americans vote Democrat because they have some perceived notion that Democrats care is indeed insulting. You're implying they don't know any better. African-Americans, unions, and other traditional Democratic constituents vote for Democrats because that party tends to protect their interests better than Republicans. Gimme a break!

Fred's attitude about African-Americans is a perfect example of why the Republican Party can't compete around here.

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Being taxed into poverty is in the interests of African-Americans, unions, and other traditional Democratic constituents?

If this latest round of retirements is going to cost the city somewhere around $15 million dollars, added with the alleged $29 million dollars the city is already behind, this move could force the city into bankruptcy.

If the city is forced into bankruptcy, then all contracts would be voided. Isn't that correct?

That would include TPPA contracts for retirees, right?

It would suck for those officers to retire, force the city into bankruptcy, and then loose everything they were counting on getting.

Imagine, giving up your job with the belief that you will have a "nestegg" only to find out you shot yourself in the foot and end up with nothing.

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I didn't vote for a

Bankruptcy? Well, I certainly hope so. The politicians are incapable of restraining spending, the city workers are incapable of restraining spending, and the average voter would rather take a bullet in the head than EVER vote into office a fiscal CONSERVATIVE (since Republicans are horribly evil!).

Well, my hope is bound to get dashed by another round of big tax hikes upon the sucker of last resort: The working homeowner.