Segregation seen in TPS’ redistribution of students

From the Toledo Journal:


Racial segregation within Toledo Public Schools will increase under a student redistribution plan now under consideration, opponents said at a community meeting last week.

Under the plan, a majority of 441 Libbey High School students who would be assigned to Scott High School are black while a majority of Libbey’s white and Latino students would be assigned to two other schools, critics said.

''You’re using Libbey enrollment to boost up Scott enrollment. You still have segregated schools,'' said Leroy Bates, a former Libbey coach. ''I think this is opening yourself up for a problem with the United States government as far as segregation.''

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Is this REALLY in the "plan"? Is this on paper? The Blade story presented it as speculation on the part of parents who were at the March 26 meeting. This story attributes it to "critics," but lists actual numbers of students by home school, race, and where they would be sent...

The Toledo Journal write up sure does make it sound like purposeful segregation, and blatent racism. I am floored that this is even proposed. Who was brave enough to bring this suggestion forward?
The white kids go to Bowser, the Hispanic students to Waite, and the black students go to Scott?

I'm guessing that IF this has really been discussed by administrators, they did so as a means of acting proactively--heading off parents who protest that their kid will be a minority if bussed to a particular school.

I'd also venture to guess that IF you gave the parents the choice about which of the three schools to send their kids to, they would practice self-segregation and it would all even out numberwise.

churches. My neighborhood, Highland Park area is becoming more integrated I notice. I am doing my part, a minority family , International students at U.T. in my house for almost two years.
Churches are largely segregated

The government anit-segregation movement does not work. It did not work in the 60's & 70's when it was tried and will not work now.

People in this country (for now) are free to live where they choose. As can be seen in any city large enough to have populations from several ethnic backgrounds, they tend to group together. There is a prospect of human nature that politicians choose to avoid, that is that people want to be around others that are most like themselves. Plain and simple fact.

It is not racism or any other kind of ism that prompts people to choose where to live. At one time, it was racism, but with the freedom of movement available today, people can go anywhere. People will choose to live where they feel comfortable. No amount of government intervention will change that, ever!

Just fund the schools properly and let people live their lives without government trying to fix everything all the time!

As can be seen in any city large enough to have populations from several ethnic backgrounds, they tend to group together

I have to disagree with the implication of this statement. It's mainly income (or lack thereof) that groups people together.

Pink Slip

I sort of agree with Pink and then not so much. Income does have a part to do with it, but even Toledo has poor white sections and poor black sections.

Maybe a better example for 2Bn11fa's point might be on ethnically diverse college campuses - THERE you will definately find high instances of self-segregation.

Our company recruits from campuses across the country, and folks from that team have told me that they see black only dorms, black only graduation ceremonies... Per the students' request.

I don't understand why you just don't assign students based upon physical distance to the schools and their bus routes. That requires no knowledge at all of their racial makeup.


Bowsher High is full now, they don't have room for the students they have because it was built too small.


good thing tps is wanting to get rid of charter schools.... they have plenty of room to accommodate all the kids, and give them a high class education.

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