VW's 258MPG Car -- Like the Tata Nano, You'll Never See It In The USA

We're far too controlled by big corporations who need the auto industry to be hugely consuming parts and gasoline, as well as having a money-sucking government so heavily dependent upon revenue from gasoline taxes.

Read it and weep:


Conclusion: It's become more and more true that being born in the USA is a big mistake. This civilization has become hyper-regressive, making us slaves of corporations. Why doesn't globalism work the other way around? Why are we subject to cheap Chinese consumer crap but not to cheap automobiles, houses and education (i.e. big-ticket items)?

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If you believe the article, the VW tops out at about 76 mph. Now, even if that's downhill with a 40 MPH tailwind, the car is plenty fast enough to get me to work, or even a day trip out of town.

Note that this is not a hybrid, meaning that the owner won't have to worry about spend $15,000 for new batteries two weeks after the warranty expires. Nor will the owner have to worry about some kind of alternate fuel.

Why isn't our US Congress Critter, Marcy Kaptur, screaming bloody murder because VW isn't opening an assembly plant in Herself's District? Why aren't the Lucas County Commissioners all over this like a wino after a loose bottle of vodka?

All VW has to do is price the little beast at something close to reasonable, and the biggest problem the company will have is keeping up with demand.

Of course, the car probably won't meet safety standards, and there will be import restrictions and tariffs.

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