Beer Sales Crushed by Bad Economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Despite its reputation for being recession-proof, sales of beer plummeted in the fourth quarter of last year.

Using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, statistician Nate Silver calculated that Americans bought 9.3 percent less alcohol for home consumption last quarter. With wine and spirits only falling off about 1 percent each, that left beer to bear the brunt of the decline at almost 14 percent.

What makes this unusual is that over the last 40 years, alcohol sales haven't had much of a relationship with the overall economic climate, good or bad.

This is the kind of mystery that can really weigh on a man. Alas, the only solution is for everyone to grab a 12-pack today. Hell, buy a case.

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As far as I know, the only absolutely recession proof industry is funeral homes. Good time or bad, people still die and need to be buried. I saw a story a few weeks ago that enrollment to funeral director schools is up!

Come on people. Pick up the pace!!!!

I'll do my best this weekend to stimulate the economy.

But now more people are looking into Green funerals - wrap you in a cloth shroud & stick you in the ground - no embalming, casket, funeral home expense. More people are buying caskets at Cosco. And many are choosing to opt for no embalming & renting caskets - and cremation. The funeral industry preys on people's emotions. And many cemetaries now require a vault in addition to a casket - so you don't 'leak' - good grief, what did they do 100 years ago????? They showed the body in the home, no embalming & stuck you in the ground in a cheap wood box.

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