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Ohio Theatre Raises Much-Needed Funds

As part of its 88th birthday celebration, leaders of the Ohio Theatre announced "One Brick at a Time," a fundraising effort to raise $500,000. They are asking people to buy symbolic bricks for $50 each. Each donor’s name will be inscribed on a plaque that will hang in the lobby of the theatre. The yearly revenues of about $15,000 are far below expenses. The theatre inherited nearly $70,000 in debt, which it has reduced to $50,000, when it purchased the building from the Toledo Catholic Diocese in 2004.

"This is the last standing and operating neighborhood theater house in Toledo," theater President Michael Nelson said during a news conference. "A lot of people don't realize that we are still here."

Events at Ohio Theatre at 3114 Lagrange

Friday, March 27th, 7 - 9pm - rehearsals & auditions for children who wish to perform in "The Wizard of Oz" the last weekend in May.

Saturday, April 25th, evening - see the new movie "Repro, a genetic opera." ($10)

Saturday, April 25th, midnight (of course) - "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." ($10)

A Jim Morrison Tribute, performed by Jim "Mario" West, is tentatively planned for April - TBD.

Call 419-241-6785 for more details.

US EPA Meeting about Ottawa River Cleanup

In late January, the City of Toledo announced plans for an environmental cleanup of the Ottawa River. This will be corrected by a $43 million cleanup of contaminated sediment through an agreement signed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ottawa River Group. This agreement promises federal money to cover half of the cleanup cost through the Great Lakes Legacy Act. The other half of the costs will be paid for by the Ottawa River Group, comprised in part of Chrysler LLC, DuPont, Allied Waste North America, GenCorp, Honeywell Inc., Illinois Tool Works Inc., United Technologies Corp and the City of Toledo. For its share of the clean-up, the City plans to deposit 250,000 cubic yards of sediment from the river in its Hoffman Road Landfill.

The US EPA is hosting a meeting for the community on April 2, 2009 at 6:30p.m., at the Friendship Senior Center on 131st in Point Place.

City Budget Process

Councilwoman Webb does not support increasing the tax burden of Toledo residents. At the March 2nd council meeting, where decreasing the income tax credit for those who live inside the city but work outside the city was discussed, Webb made the motion to disapprove the Mayor’s proposal. "His income tax proposal would encourage another 19,000 people to shove off to the suburbs," Webb said.

Instead, Webb supports Councilman Joe McNamara’s proposal to change the allocation of the 3/4 percent income tax so that, as in the past, money from this 3/4 percent is allocated to the general fund. This year, an estimated $3.9 million would go to the general fund.

On March 24th, at a council committee of the whole, city council learned that city income tax collections have dropped to 1998 levels, which is unprecedented. Even the best case scenario indicates that it will take the city until 2014 to return to previous income tax revenue levels. Webb believes that all options are on the table in terms of making immediate budget adjustments, including long-term structural changes to employee wages and benefits and temporary solutions like lay-offs. "Urgent negotiations about concessions are necessary to help close the budget deficit. Until we have turned over every stone, we cannot ask more from our residents," Webb said.

Progress at Friendship Center

Twenty people, including the Board of Directors and Lindsay Webb, recently met to discuss ways to sustain the Friendship Center on 131st Street. Plans are now underway to form a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that will allow them to raise funds to help this senior center maintain its importance in the Point Place community. "Our seniors are active and appreciate this center. We need to keep it viable for them," said Greg Holewinski, director.

Youth Parks & Recreation Committee

Councilwoman Webb will hold a meeting on April 7th to discuss funding for athletics. Interested parties are welcome to attend. For further information, contact Lindsay at 419-245-1050.

Webb Comments on Council Structure

If we want to restore the balance of power in Toledo City Government, some changes to the structure of government are necessary. It is time that serious Charter discussions take place and necessary changes are made to restore balance and confidence.

A leaner Council, in my opinion, would lead to a more accountable and cohesive government.

"Although, I personally support Councilman Waniewski’s call for 6 Districts and 3 Super-Districts, I recognized that there are many issues that should be discussed in a public forum," said Webb. Webb supports this idea because there is an under-representation of at-large members from Council Districts 4 and 6.

March 31 Deadline to Challenge Property Valuation

From the Lucas County website: "Homeowners who wish to challenge their property value, as listed at the Auditor’s Office, can do so through the Board of Revision (BOR) process before the March 31, 2009 deadline.

Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez and her staff are available to assist homeowners in researching his or her property value and in completing the forms either via phone at (419) 213-4406 or at our upcoming Help Clinics ( You may download the Board of Revision form ( and Instructions ( to assist you with the form, or call our office to have an application mailed to your home.

Homeowners may research their property values online via the Auditor’s Real Estate Information System (AREIS) ( Real estate values may also be obtained by calling our office. Once a complaint has been filed, homeowners will receive a hearing notification via certified letter. Hearings are held in One Government Center on the sixth floor. The hearing averages 15 minutes in duration. The homeowner will meet with a Board of Revision joint panel comprised of representatives from the Auditor, Treasurer and Commissioners' offices.

If you choose to waive your right for a hearing and have the Board render a decision on your behalf, please fill out the Waiver Form ( and send it along with your BOR form. Complainants filing income producing, commercial or industrial property applications are encouraged to review the BOR Instructions for Filing Complaint ( Additional information is required.

Mail or return completed and notarized forms by March 31, 2009 to: Lucas County Auditor's Office, Attn: Board of Revision, One Government Center, Suite 670, Toledo, Ohio 43604-2255. Certified letters regarding your upcoming hearing or decision will be mailed beginning in April. Hearings will run April through September.

GTAC Prepares for Swim Meet at Detwiler Pool

GTAC is bringing back the HOLY TOLEDO! swim meet to Detwiler Pool the weekend of June 12-14. On January 24th, Detwiler was the scene of a celebration of Toledo and a preview of the swim meet weekend. Highlights were coupons for discounts at Toledo Mud Hens, Toledo Zoo, Tony Packo's, Beirut Restaurant, Po Mo's Ribs and golfing at the Detwiler Course (next door to Detwiler Pool). Attendees also received information about our famed Toledo Museum of Art and Botanical Gardens.

Detwiler, Toledo's finest outdoor 50-meter pool, once hosted many regional meets. With its renovation, it is ready to show why it's the best place to have a long-course meet and enjoy Toledo. "We've already got teams planning to come to Toledo for this meet. We are proud to represent Toledo in this way," says Keith Kennedy, GTAC Head Coach.

Visit for more information.

Pot Holes

It is certainly the season to find pot holes in our district and throughout Toledo. If you have a major concern about the condition of our streets, contact Lindsay at 419-245-1050.

Columbia Gas Plans Change in Library Village

Councilwoman Webb recently met with local officials from Columbia Gas of Ohio who informed her that, due to current economic conditions, the Library Village pipeline replacement program has been postponed until 2010. Like many capital-intensive companies, Columbia’s ability to borrow funds has been impacted by the economic downturn and challenging conditions that have persisted in the financial markets. She is working with Columbia Gas to make sure this information is communicated to those impacted in Library Village. "I have been assured that this change does not impact day-to-day operations, customer service, emergency response, corporate citizenship or long-term plans for infrastructure improvement," Lindsay said.

Foreclosure Crisis in Library Village

Residents in the well-maintained working-class neighborhood are facing the highest foreclosure rate in Toledo. From October 2007 - September 2008, 14% of area foreclosures were in the 43612 zip code. Previously known for its stability, this area is now facing extreme difficulties and "for sale" signs are common. To keep hopes high, one can look to the newly built schools, the commercial district along Sylvania Avenue and the active churches. In early February, the City announced that it was awarded $12.2 million from the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program to fix up and sell foreclosures. Families in Library Village should receive this help from the federal program.

Two Woodward HS Grads in Mayoral Race

Keith Wilkowski and Michael Bell are friends who went to Woodward High School together. Keith has already declared his candidacy for Mayor of Toledo. Michael recently filed initial forms with Lucas County Board of Elections and formally declared on March 25th.

A primary election will be held on Tuesday, September 15th, for races for Mayor and City Council at-large members.

City Changes Refuse & Recycling Schedule

Just a reminder that the City has a new plan called LEAP FORWARD that determines when a resident’s trash and recycling is collected. For example: Ms. Smith typically has her garbage collected on Monday. Due to a holiday, her collection that week will be on Tuesday. Ms. Smith’s new garbage pick up date will then stay on Tuesday until the next observed holiday, when her collection date moves to Wednesday, etc. For more information, go to and search for leap forward.

Pony Up for Lindsay - a new District 6 tradition

On Sunday, April 19th, Lindsay is hosting a fundraiser at Raceway Park - a wonderful entertainment venue in District 6. She encourages you to share in this fun evening. Please note all the details on the invitation that is included at the bottom of this newsletter.

Whatever your concern in Toledo, Lindsay Webb asks you to contact her at 419-245-1050.

Wishing You a Joyous Spring and Improvements throughout the Year


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