An Advocate for the Shimmy A belly dancer with two law degrees comes to the defense of an ancient art form

Since i posted a story on ladies turning to stripping to make ends meet, i saw this and wondered how people feel about belly dancing? :) i think it is very cool, and sexy, but not in a sexual way. at least that's not how it's intended if it's done correctly. :)

The belly dancer known as Saphira sweeps onto the dance floor, a pink scarf flowing behind her upraised arms. She's wearing false eyelashes and heavy eyeliner, a pumpkin-orange bra top with gold and pink beads and sequins, and long swirling layers of a pink-and-orange skirt. Tall and big-boned, she has a soft belly that is bared and shaking along with her hips as she improvises to the live band -- a drummer and keyboardist -- at Casablanca, a Moroccan restaurant in Alexandria.

Saphira doesn't really look like someone who once worked as a full-time Washington lawyer named Rachael Galoob Ortega. But she has two law degrees, including one from Georgetown, and used to spend her days laboring over regulatory analysis for communications companies. Now this 38-year-old self-proclaimed "Jewish girl from Oklahoma" shimmies for a living, running a Clarendon belly-dancing school, Saffron Dance, in addition to giving occasional performances. She also has become, in true Washington fashion, a public advocate for belly dance, which, she says, "allows for the discovery of your body and your spirit in a way that I've never seen anything else do."

Even when she was still working as an attorney, she taught belly dancing for years, disregarding how its sensuality might be perceived in a strait-laced profession. She knows there were people who disapproved "because it cuts against how they think somebody's life should be or not be -- [they think] people who are belly dancers are not lawyers," she says. "But the reality of it is that in D.C. there are a lot of belly-dancing lawyers."............................

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Sexy but not in a sexual way?

it originated as a fertility dance. it's not someone stripping. there's also a lot more technique than just taking clothes off, which belly dancres don't completely do.

i'm glad the lawyers around here aren't doing it. could you imagine the guy on the back of the phone book bell dancing???? EEEEEWWWWWW! :) men should not belly dance. :)

I don't feel anything about belly dancing, or playing pool, or drinking liquor, or anything else that's none of my business to judge. The structure of U.S. law demands that people have the right to do these things. So we must let them.

Hopefully they're not as snooty as strippers.

I mean they're all about the tips... but not if it's in change.



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