Latta named to House budget committee and Latta files discharge petition on HR 581

WASHINGTON- Earlier today, Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) was
appointed to the House Committee on the Budget.

"Now more than ever, Congress must get serious about the trillions of
dollars we spend each year in the budget. My constituents, as well as
millions of other taxpayers across the country have made it clear that
they are tired of out-of-control spending in Washington and I look
forward to conveying that message for them as a member of this important
committee," Latta said today after receiving his appointment.

"Bob has an excellent record, both as a Member of Congress and the Ohio
General Assembly, of fiscal responsibility and I look forward to working
with him on the Committee," Committee on the Budget Ranking Member Paul
Ryan (R-WI) added.


H. R. 581 Eliminates Automatic C.O.L.A. for Members of Congress

WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) filed a discharge
petition yesterday on H.R. 581, a bill he introduced on January 15th
that would eliminate the automatic pay increase Members of Congress
receive. The discharge petition asks for H.R. 581 to be brought out of
committee directly to the House floor for immediate consideration.

"As our constituents and Nation continue to struggle through this
recession, Members of Congress cannot in good faith receive an automatic
pay increase. Today's discharge petition asks that H.R. 581, a bill I
introduced on January 15th, be brought to the floor for immediate
consideration," Latta said today after filing the petition.

"I look forward to working with members in a bipartisan manner to pass
this important piece of legislation as soon as possible," Latta added.

A copy of H.R. 581 is attached.

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