Another Financial Planner has his day in court

Ex-radio host facing April 29 jury trial for assault charge

Troy Neff behind bars! Who would have thought...

A trial date has been set for a former radio host who was involved in a December road-rage incident.

Troy Neff, 40, of Curtice is charged with assault, a first-degree misdemeanor, for the fight in which he was stabbed by a Tennessee man.

A jury trial was set for April 29 after a plea agreement could not be reached Thursday between Mr. Neff's attorney, Drew Griffith, and William Connelly, Jr., a Wood County assistant prosecutor.

Jeffrey Hardeman, 42, of Knoxville, Tenn., the other man involved in the fight and accused of stabbing Mr. Neff, was charged with felonious assault and tampering with evidence for the incident.

Those felony charges have been dropped as his attorney, Scott Ciolek, works with the prosecutor's office on a plea agreement.

Mr. Neff was stabbed in the shoulder, arm, and hand Dec. 10, after Mr. Hardeman apparently cut off Mr. Neff and it led to the men exchanging words, getting out of their vehicles, and fighting.

It occurred in Perrysburg Township near Mr. Neff's financial business, Advanced Retirement Solutions.

Since then, Mr. Neff's radio show, the Troy Neff Show on WCWA-AM, was taken off the air and his column in the Toledo Free Press was canceled.

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Hi Fred.

I'm a hater and I'm not Fred

Sorry to burst your bubble, not me. I hope Troy gets the help he needs for his problems. He'll always be the Neffster to me. I miss seeing his fun license plates in the morning, and sharing conversations in the hallway. He'll be back on his feet all you haters.

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