Has the City of Toledo cleaned up the leaves on your street?

42% (33 votes)
58% (46 votes)
Total votes: 79
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I voted "no," but that was with regard to the second pass. Many of my neighbors have had their leaves piled up since November waiting - perhaps in vain - for that long-promised second pass.

BTW - this is 43623 in an uncurbed area, if any city administrators pop by and want to know.

Personally, I only make use of the first pass, then I use the rest of my leaves as mulch in my flower beds and vegetable gardens. However, I have a lot of folks in my neighborhood who go to great lengths to keep their yards leaf-free by building special leaf fences to prevent the dreaded blowback.

thing happened. The City cleared up-to 3 blocks south of us quite nicely a couple of weeks ago and it appears they tried to clean the street on Thursday of last week, but given the shape the leaves are in they were not that successful. Maybe they did not clean it, that is how little things improved. Plus with all of the snow, the leaves were in the yards and really compacted down on the streets. You would think that if they put signs up, that people would have adequately raked everything in the street. Since our leaves did not fall until really late, we never really had the first pass. A street sweeper did go through around that time. And being the leaf collection seemed to have stopped one block over, our street still has a ton of leaves on it from November. Yesterday, I saw the church on Upton actually sweeping up the leaves on the curb and tossing them into garbage bags, apparently giving up in frustration. I am almost to that point now. Normally I mulch most of my leaves, but this past year, I thought I will toss some more out given my lack of time. Well, I guess it is a wrong year to do that.

...to my council representative to get them picked up just last week. And even that was well after both he and I had been assured by a Streets, Bridges & Harbor representative that it would happen right away.

Still waiting...it's a mess of muck in front of many of the houses on my street.

I live in a wooded area of 43613 without curbs. We were hit with the first pass mighty early, when less than half of the leaves had fallen. Second pass was scheduled for December but didn't happen. Pickup date has been changed at least three times.

I just want to know what the hold up is now. The city is pretty efficient with leaf collection in the fall. There has been no snow for some time now. What's the holdup?

my street swept and the snow plowed with streets salted each time we had a storm. Either I have someone working for the City living on my street or I count myself blessed!

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Last time this happened, the spring showers came and washed all the leaves down the drains....

Which promptly clogged up and caused everyone to get water in their basements...

This is exactly what happened in our area.

We are spared because we don't have a basement and our houses sit higher than the street. The sewers clogged with leaves, and our street was transformed into a pond.


That, along with laying off Police, is your .3/4% tax at work.

 Carty knows you cannot sell your house and move out of Toledo because nobody wants to buy houses in Toledo.

You're stuck. You will pay more taxes. You will like the flowers and banners. You will like the Erie Street Market. And you will get less protection from police and also flooded basements.

Deal with it. Carty has you all by the short curlies and he knows it just like you know it.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

We can't afford any longer to have a huge city government that cleans up our leaves and wipes our noses. If you have property, you should have a mulch pile, and a vegetable garden. Arguably, you should have a flower garden out front if you won't grow food.

This truth will only continue to grow until your finances snap in two due to your denial. Downsize the government and live more independently. Do it ... or else you'll have to do it anyway, later on and at great expense to yourself.

Guest Zero, I always enjoy and appreciate your comments that encourage/advise a return to self reliance.

You are, as usual, dead on with this one. I expect that the city, with its $27 million deficit, will be forced to cut more services... they will find otherways to get the same, if not more, money from us, but they likely won't be employing street sweepers and leaf vaccummers for much longer if they must balance a budget.

If we are self-reliant, we are in control. Control=power.

Fall gave way to Spring yesterday, March 27, as a trusty City of Toledo crew, rakes in hand, made their way down my street and sucked up the remnants of autumn.

This is four months later than they usually do their last- pass pick up. On that schedule, I am wondering if the city will be spraying for those pesky mosquitoes in November and December?