Outright lies of WSPD's Fred

I think it's time that the listening public demands that WSPD stop Fred from using the airwaves to perpetrate outright lies about Toledo's dynamic Erie Street Market. Daily on his radio show, he insists that it is a Dead Zone where public dollars have been needlessly spent but my photographic evidence shows that the opposite is true. I went to the ESM at midday on a weekday and witnessed the hustling, bustling, happy crowds of people enjoying themselves and contributing to the economic vitality of the Warehouse District. I even saw a a fashion show of the latest bedroom attire for senior citizens! There definitely is something for everyone. The ESM is truly a success. The photos tell the story.

Why Fred continues to tell outright lies on the air every day boggles my mind. The ESM is a couple of blocks away from his radio station. Certainly he sees the people and hears the laughter of the thousands flocking to this Fun Zone and enjoying themselves. I won't attempt to speculate about Fred's motives, other than to say he is likely a bitter man who takes no pleasure in the enjoyment of others ever since he didn't get his Christmas wish for a battery-operated plane on a string when he was 9. It is sad to think so many of his radio listeners believe what he says is the truth. The photos here demonstrate otherwise. ESM is kicking, baby!

One more thing about our beloved Erie Street Market. Toledo is set to receive federal stimulus dollars to make it even more of an attraction. Our president obviously sees Toledo, or specifically ESM, as a NATIONAL TREASURE, so he approved $269.35 million to make Toledo the city Carty Finkbeiner dreams it to be. Mr. Obama believes so much in the ESM, he was there buying for a round of ice cold beers for everyone. I had the honor of sitting with President Obama and Carty Finkbeiner the day I went down there. Plans are to use $47.35 million to erect a 200-foot tall statue of Mayor Finkbeiner in proximity to the ESM, as well as build a university in honor of Carleton S. Finkbeiner. It will be called Carty University. (Go, C.U.!!) The statue will be fully illuminated, and with a mechanically articulated right arm waving "hi" to everyone in Toledo, flying over Toledo, or driving into Toledo. It's expensive, but that's because there will be an elevator taking visitors up to Carty's skull for a 360-degree view of our city, enjoying prime rib while Carty's head turns. Who wouldn't want to get into the mind of Mr. Finkbeiner? The university will be part of a $226 million federal stimulus to help bring hard working Americans into our fine city. There will be flowers, flowering shrubs, and signage all over the ESM and the university dedicated to our fine mayor. Who better than to promote this award winning city than THE MAN himself, Carty Finkbeiner? Man, I can't wait to get down to the Market again. Fred, you stay home. We wouldn't want you down there anyway.

Here's a photo's of some ladies, and a very interested man enjoying a fashion show.

A photo of a crowd of people lining up to go into the ESM.

Inside the ESM we see Mr. President, Carty, and myself along with some friends of Carty.

Another happy group of people at the ESM.

More people waiting outside.

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Mr wert, you were right the ESM is such a sucess!!!!! Is that Jimi Hendrix checking out the ESM????? WOW!!!!!!! :) That is VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!!! He must have really been enjoying himself. :) Did you see Janis and Jim there too? I'm so bummed I have not checked out the ESM in years. That place really has changed!

i think the white haired lady was going to buy one everything the model was displaying. i think the guy behind her was looking to expand his collection of ladies undergarments.

hey mr wert, i'll meet you at the market, the erie street market....... :)

OK, I'll play along, too. Here is the line at the hot dog stand:

I'm glad to see you were there too. It was crazy! They were raking in cash so fast they had the money trucks waiting in line to pick up the deposits. Truck after truck they loaded up and off to the bank they went.

Patience is a great virtue.

I REALLY liked the fashion show... best part of the performance and I appreciate your dexterity with the camera.

looks like Grossman finally cloned Czarty.

I spotted four of them in the same ESM venue!

I hope they know that they can't let their streams cross.

mr wert, you're so sweet for sending me the pictures. i heard you were upset when you saw they were cut off. grrrrrrrr :)




was young, late 60's, do you remember him?
On the radio broadcast , you could hear the stadium announcer in the background say in a firm monotone voice when Wert came up to bat , - Don Wert! He seemed an ordinary team member, and now I get to see his picture at ESM

Yeah, I was damn good with the glove at third. I wasn't Brooks but I had a decent arm over to first. Once in a while I'd sock one over the leftfield fence, but for the most part I was terrible at the plate. Sometimes Mayo would move me up to sixth, but usually I batted eighth, right ahead of Lolich, McLain, Wilson or Sparma. The bitch was those bastards got on base as often as me. But, hell, I'm still a World Champion.

Patience is a great virtue.

Anyone seen a picture of the statue? I heard his teeth were going to have BLING ....silver or gold...or maybe diamonds?

hey fred, maybe you have been talking about another esm? :) the one in downtown toledo is really hopping! :)

actually fred, i do agree with you, and i took my boys down there yesterday at lunchtime. we were the only potential customers in the place, and i felt very uncomfortable walking around having the security guard keep a very close eye on us. there wasn't a friendly face in sight, or maybe there was, we didn't go into the libby glass outlet. (something about having my 3,5, and 9 year old boys with me didn't make me want to go into a glass outlet.) the guard maybe was upset he actually had to do something, and glaring at us stroll through the esm WAS his job.

i also questioned the handicap ramp they had there between the antique shop and eating area. it had steps, maybe 4 of them, on one side and the ramp on the other. my boys took one look at it, and assumed it was a slide it was so steep. the ramp was maybe 4 feet high and was slick. slick enough for my boys to slide down the "ramp" on their butts. the security guard saw them and quickly put his authority hat on, and told me it was city property and my boys had to get off the ramp. i thought the ramp was a bit steep for someone in a wheel chair. they would get quite a ride rolling down it. not to mention them most likely hitting the wall that was a few feet away not being able to stop because they were rolling so fast. (i can smell a lawsuit.) i had never seen a ramp that steep that was up to code. i wonder if it is?

my experience at the esm was not a good one, and i will never go back. i felt like having my boys with me was somehow unacceptable, and i question that because it is a public place intended for everyone. my boys were being boys by checking out the paintings and painted frog, but they were not being destructive, and bothering anyone else. how could they, there wasn't anyone else there? :) it's sad our tax dollars are paying for it, and the people working there don't seem to want to welcome potential customers.

Man, I had no idea! I want to go to the next fashion show.

Thanks Don!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Hey Don, you once hit a fly ball to left field off Claude Osteen, who was pitching for the Senators. It left the park, and hung a 1-0 loss on him. What happened in your previous at bat in that game?

How the hell should I know? Man, it's been 40 years. Since you say the game was 1-0, I guess I didn't get a ribbie. You tell me. What'd I do? Strike out with the bases loaded? Hit a pop-up that Frank Howard caught in his mouth? Forget to leave my can of Stroh's on the bench when I came to the plate?

Patience is a great virtue.

mr wert,
i can't belive you don't remember???? man, you are slipping! :) then again, you are 70 years old. :)

That's sort of what I thought you'd say, donwert.

I do remember this. I was once Tiger of the Year. Have you ever been Tiger of the Year, G-Man? Have you ever been to Tiger Stadium? Have you ever stepped out on to the field? Have you ever had a job where 30,000 or more people watch you work and judge your performance and let you know whether they think it sucks? I did the best I could. I'm still a World Champion. 1968, baby. Look it up. I didn't do too bad that year.

Patience is a great virtue.

Mr. Wert,
did the kind people at the ESM pay you to come down, or did you come down because it's a national treasure???? :) did you and jimi jam?

It was Tuesday, September 24, 1963 at Tiger Stadium. Only 956 people actually paid to watch this game between two teams going nowhere at the end of the season.

Bottom of the second, facing Claude Osteen, Don Wert flew out to centerfield. Then, with one out in the 5th inning, Wert smacked a low line drive into the stands for the game's only run. No fist-pumping, no chest-thumping, just a few handshakes in the dugout.

Wert actually hit pretty well against Osteen, dinging him for three HRs in 1963 and 1964. He batted .323 against Osteen lifetime, with a slugging percentage of .613. Lucky for Claude he got traded to the Dodgers in 1965, because the Wert-man had Osteen's number.

BTW - Wert was one of my Tigers heroes as a little kid, along with Norm Cash, Bill Freehan, Gates Brown, Mickey Stanley, and Mickey Lolich.

but do you think this Wert guy is really him or not?


Who knows. Last I heard Wert was working for a car auction company in Pennsylvania, but if he likes to visit Sampbubbles (or if someone here just idolizes him), both are fine by me.


I have your Topps card. I treasure it, but it seems that the bean ball you took to the head in '68 really broke something loose upstairs there. Are you sure you are okay?

this is definitive proof that the ESM will be a success. Thanks for the investigation Don.

My husband is actually in one of those pictures, next to Carty. I'm right next to him, behind a pillar. Yeah we had a great time that night until we found out someone locked the front doors and there was only one exit and I got claustrophobic and had to leave.


it must have been a crazy night. i can see you in the first photo with obama, and mr wert, but it seemed when the night went on, most people started looking a lot like carty, based on the second photo in that room. i hope for you and your husband's sake, you went back to looking like yourselves after you left. :) i bet carty locked the doors. :)

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