Carty to "Lay-off" 75 Cops

Carty smells money. Part of the free Obama money is for Police. So, if a city rehires laid off Po-Po or has new Police hires for the city, the government will pay for it for so many years. Example, say Toledo has 635 police, the city then lays off 75. The city asks Obama for a grant to rehire those Police and then asks to hire 25 more new Police. The government says OK. Then the city gets the salary for 100 police officers paid for by the United States taxpayers not just by Toledo workers. It's a win-win, what the hell, might as well have corporate bankers and part of California give a little to us, we're suppoting them. It's free money right? Carty should just lay off 200 and that would give him the money to plant roses and put in a monorail or something else really cool.

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The grant can be used to recall police officers who have been laid off and to hire new police officers - the main focus is to hire new officers and the salary and benefit level paid by the federal government is set only at the level of what a new officer would make. That means if Toledo does do it this way, they would be getting part of the salary and benefits paid for those recalled, but not all. The other tricky part of this is the federal government will pay for that number of police officers for three years, but the City has to be able to pay for all of that number for year four or the money has to be paid back for that officer for the entire three year period.

It's never free money...

We don't remember days only moments...

Where is the missing money from 2001 ?

"The grant can be used to recall police officers"

Can some of it be used to recall the mayor?

All I can say is that the crime rate will probably go up more so. However, Carty will have more money to spend on flowers for downtown Toledo. Remember Nero fiddled as Rome burned; well Carty plants flowers while homes are broke into.

Mary Brandeberry

First of all , this city should be applying for stimulus dollars to redesign the inadequate storm drainage system. I am really tiring of people's flooding basements making headlines. Infrastructure improvements like this would put plenty of people to work and make a difference in the health and happiness of many residents.

Second, threatening law enforcement is just another Carty tantrum. City Council didn't give him his way on the out-of-city employment tax credit, so he is going to take away the cops...unless Council reconsiders (see last week's Blade; he asked Council to rethink it). If they don't, he can always vie for federal bucks.

Er, Helen, you've been paying much higher sewer rates for about 8 years just for that purpose. Has the city and county successfully trained another person here into paying high taxes for no reason?

Guestzero wroteHas the city and county successfully trained another person here into paying high taxes for no reason?

I don't like the word "trained." Coerced is more like it. What the heck am I to do? I have considered docking my property taxes for half the amount of leaf pickup. If a private sector business were picking up my leaves, I wouldn't pay them for a job not done.

Likewise, I've been paying a .75% tax to keep police patrols, vice, and gang taskforces in force. And as you say, I've been paying higher sewer rates. What power do we have? If I refuse to pay for services I am not getting, I'll be slapped with a lein before you can say FInkbeiner. However, if I don't make my mortgage payment, I can just claim squatters rights.

The change in sewer rates from about 1998 to today is large. People should have noticed and then demanded a return from their money. People should be talking about it, but aren't. That's what I mean by "trained". Coerced or not, it should still be a topic on people's minds ... especially since people are STILL being flooded out of their basements.

What you can do otherwise is demand that your house value fall in line with the general collapse in house prices across Toledo, resulting less taxes paid by you.

You should also stop voting in the same crooks to public office. It strikes me still as unbelievable that Carty was able to get voted back into office ... yet he's still likely to win in the next election due to the same electoral malaise.

Don't like it?

Tough. Carty knows you cannot sell your house and move out of Toledo because nobody wants to buy houses in Toledo.

You're stuck. You will pay more taxes. You will like the flowers and banners. You will like the Erie Street Market. And you will get less protection from police.

Deal with it. Carty has you all by the short curlies and he knows it just like you know it.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Don't like police officers being laid off because Carty is ticked at city council?

Stop by Dave's Home Cooked Foods on Wednesday, between 5:30 and 7:00 and sign the recall petition. Dave's is located at 1855 S. Reynolds Road, between the Olive Garden and Carty's alma mater, Maumee Valley Country Day School.

"Chief Navarre noted during a press conference Monday it wasn't a coincidence the expected police layoffs were announced before the application deadline.

"I thought our chances of getting this money from the federal government would be greater if those announcements of those layoffs occurred prior to the start of the application date," the chief said. "It's as simple as that. It's a business decision."

if i was part of the team deciding who gets what stimulus money, and read this, i wouldn't give any money to toledo. i would be offended a city would use it's cops as pawns to get stimulus money. to think they are making it no secret that's what they are doing!

I couldn't have said it better myself.

A bunch of scam artists running this city, I swear.

There are side effects to admitting that the city needs government welfare to run.

For example, the people could finally realize that they can stop paying taxes and let the welfare sustain them.

Hopefully that means that a wholesale NO vote result is achieved in future ballots.

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