Bob Latta criticizes earmarks, defends his own

U.S. Rep. Bob Latta (R., Bowling Green), representing Ohio's 5th District, requested 10 earmarks totaling $2.93 million in the bill, ranking him 375th on the list. Despite his own projects being included in the bill, he voted against it.

Mr. Latta said he is concerned the spending in the appropriations bill and other items on the President's agenda are causing the national debt to spiral out of control.

"We can't afford them," Mr. Latta said. "We are spending, borrowing, and taxing - there is no money in the U.S. to pay for this."

Mr. Latta said his earmarks were designed to address key problems such as flooding. (source)

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Maybe he is learning. I voted for him but am more than a little disappointed in his request for any earmarks. I am also disappointed in his support for farm subsidies. I have written to him with my complaints.

My complaint with earmarks is that if the individual state doesn't find it a worthy project why should people in Alabama (or any other state) pay for an Ohio project?!?!? Local projects should be funded locally. If the City of Toledo wants bike paths in and around the city, how is that a federal concern? it isn't even a state concern, state money shouldn't be used for it.

My view is that Representatives where chosen to go to Washington DC to do the NATION'S business, not the people's business. The people can take care of themselves....leave us alone!

Obviously that's a solid philosophical point, 2BN. But realize also that (like too many cities) Toledo collects a big chunk of income taxes from residents. So the city is awash in tax revenue. But this revenue is largely wasted, hence the faux need for more funds all the time.

It is more important than ever for Toledoans to kill off portions of city government. If it takes putting a Republican into the Mayor's office, then so be it. Of course, rather than Dim or Repuke, we need a non-partisan MANAGER and COST-CUTTER.

Not to divert the discussion away from Bob Latta, but what GuestZero (who is actually a polite, courteous person when you meet him face to face) got me thinking.

Many times, when companies need to reduce costs, they hire a hatchetman (or woman) to come in, make the cuts, and move on. That way, the anger and hatred of the affected employees is directed at someone who is on to greener pastures.

I wonder if Toledoans would support a mayoral candidate who ran on a platform that said: I'll only run once. I will make the necessary cuts in city services. You may not like the cuts I make and you may not like me when I'm done, but city government will be right-sized.

Just a thought. . .

changed my mind, tried to delete, didn't work, need practice!

Why the earmarks then.....if theres no money there to begin with? Well...just to be on the recieving side...if i can get it...put em in there....Ten Bears said it best ....CHIEFED BY THE DOUBLE signed paper can hold the must be held by men..none of these YAHOOS worth a diddly squat.

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