More layoffs coming at the Blade?

The Newspaper Guild says something is going to happen. Read a little bit more about this at the Toledo Free Press.

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Type in Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research in search, whether it is Yahoo, Google, MSN or etc. Check out soome of the articles and wonder.
Some of the oposition state that this bill will deny health services to Senior Citizens or certain treatments in not approved by the govenment. While others state that there is no truth to this and it is a political or pharmacutical scare. You be the judge!!!

Mary Brandeberry

I am watching you. I bet your posts will delve into a more normal pattern that we may all recognize. I found the genealogy forum post which most likely reveals who you are. Prove me wrong.

BTW what does this have to do with the Blade?

Where will WSPD get it's news from now?

SensorG, have you and donwert had a few beers together? you are sounding like him. :) speaking of which, i wonder where he is????? he talks a lot about the media.....

Sorry, but The Blade has been failing for a long time now, thanks to John Robinson Block running it into the ground. You're right, SensorG, where WILL WSPD and Fred LeFebvre get their news from? The staff has made top dollar due to their union contract. Their benefits include free tuition, matching 401-K, and much more. Time for a reality check!

'Their benefits include free tuition'

Free tuition? To what school/university? What in the hell are you talking about? What company does this, other than if you're employed at a university and your kids can attend there for free?

According to my friend at The Blade, the company never matched the 401 K but only gave made a small percentage contribution. They suspended that and froze pension contributions a few years back. As for top dollar, the union members voted for a 16% pay reduction in their current contract a couple of years ago. God forbid blog contributors should actually cite facts in their posts.
Carry on with your ill informed blather...the reason blogs in this town can supplant that horrible daily rag.

Newspapers are dying, and it's NOT because of unions. It's a combination of companies shrinking their advertising budget because of the poor economy, and a decrease in readership due to the internet (creative destruction)

Pink Slip


The link above is to an article about 8 newspapers that will most likely close this year. Some, like the Cleveland Plain Dealer, may move to internet only reporting.

I agree, the internet has had a huge impact on printed news.

then the Toledo Blade is totally effed.

Thier online paper is horrible and there's not a thing there that gives insight to local matters, unless it's political.

Hell, even the webmaster posts the same stories twice under "local" and "national".

so sad...

I love that phrase--creative destruction.

Pink, if you start a blog, that is your title.

Don't put this all on the Internet. Twenty-Four-hour cable news networks are culpable.

Of course I can't take credit for that. When I first heard it, the idea was attributed to Joseph Schumpeter. Btw, I'm still looking for a reasonably priced used copy of Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy. If anyone knows, please inform...

Pink Slip

Did an Amazon search and found 31 in the USED link...start at $4.34 plus shipping.

Incidentally, I am looking for a copy of World Communism and Domestic Socialism by Ronald Reagan. (It's a speech in book form). Having a tougher time. I don't suppose you have a copy?

Thanks Helen, you're the best. I swore I checked Amazon before, but I must have been looking at the hardcovers. (that's why you're the teacher, and I'm just a student)

Alas, no I do not have the Reagan book you are looking for. However this is an interesting audio clip

Pink Slip

You're right, it's not just because of the internet that papers are having trouble but I do think that the internet has had a bigger impact than the cable news.

The 24 hour cable news channels are mostly national news, not specific to a local region. People used to rely on the newspapers for community information and local things, restaurant reviews for example. With the internet, you can instantly google the name of the restaurant and presto, most of the time you can find information.

Also, the internet is there when you want it. It is easy to look something up while on break at work, that Blackberry fits nicely in a pocket. Not everyone has 24 hour access to the 24 hour cable news and who wants to carry the newspaper around.

According to Time magazine........ "There is, however, a striking and somewhat odd fact about this crisis. Newspapers have more readers than ever. Their content, as well as that of newsmagazines and other producers of traditional journalism, is more popular than ever — even (in fact, especially) among young people.",8599,1877191,00.html

I am planning my blade burial party now! I can hardly wait, keep us informed on the latest developments please Chris!

my Blade was not delivered today.

Just because The Blade is laying people off doesn't mean that it is "dying." It is undergoing a change, like any business. You know, kind of like the climate (tee hee).

However, this is one business that hasn't been as innovative as it could have been to head off the turning tide of technology.

It's not as if those in the newspaper biz didn't know this was coming--There is a chapter in my 1992 textbook on the History of Mass Media entited "Hopes and Fears; Technology Trancendent." They just haven't acted as proactively as they could have.

I recall that the professor in this class told us a story about a Civil-war era prognosticator who invented a system for "instant delivery" of the newspaper to homes via a tube system not unlike the one you use at the bank or pharmacy drive-thru. Duh. That's the Internet. The newspaper can still function digitally. Indeed the best writers will always have a job as text transfers from paper to screen, and generations who relied on the paper pass on, and new ones become accustomed to carrying their readers with them.

Newspapers just have to shift their income structure into online formats and face greater competition. Perhaps under this new model, the best writers will be sought after, because they will set a publication apart from others.

you insulted a respected participant to this site with your stupidity and instead of addressing it and apologizing, you're pissed your mullet wrap didn't show up.

Call Jessie Jackson, maybe he'll hunt your paper down.



One can only hope that the rags days are numbered, but I wouldn't hold my breath.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

i don't care much for the blade, but i am concerned about how the other papers in town are doing......

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