Ohio again tops corporate-lure list

Ohio was presented the Governor's Cup from Site Selection magazine Monday for the third consecutive year for attracting new and expanded corporate sites.

It's a title Ohio has held four out of last six years. The state also had the top three attractors of corporate investment among midsized metro regions, including Toledo at No. 3. (continued)

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I read the Blade article and it mentioned what I thought of first, how, with an unemployment rate of 8.8%, can Ohio be the leader in attracting business?

Gov. Strickland is quoted as saying that we are now looking to the future not circling the wagons to keep what we had, but Ohio was in first place 7-times during 15-years. Given my public school math that is just under 50% of the time. Also 4-times in the last 6-years...sounds like the state has been focusing on the future since 1993. So where are the jobs and why is Ohio losing population?

Something about this just is not making sense!

you can read the original article at:

and don't forget Bizjournals came up with a not so flattering assessment of Toledo at:

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