Casinos at Toledo's doorstep?

There has been a flurry of casino talk in the last recently, and it won't end. The myohionow folks and their rivals plan to put a new initiative on the ballot to make gambling legal in Ohio. And just his past week, Brian Mcmahon announced he wanted to bring a casino to Wood County. Today we hear that Carty is saying a developer is looking for property in Toledo. Maybe this is all related to the state group or maybe it is more. Maybe this is Carty's response to Mcmahon's announcement. Regardless on if you think it is right or wrong, just stop by the Home Depot parking lot at Central and Secor any day and see how many people are already going to Michigan or Canada to gamble. We may as well have our own casino.

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Do we really need to bring more crime to Ohio, let alone to Toledo. Who do all of you think is behind all of these establishments. The mob has had their hands in one form or another for over a hundred years. What makes you think our government has cleaned them up.

there already is enough crime in the city. Maybe the influx of money would prevent the government from taxing the people even more.

If such a proposal were allowed a large percentage of the tax monies should be used directly for police services. If thus stipulated from the begining it could help curb a rise.

But plenty of communities have brought in casino gambling and not seen a rise in crime. Their models should be studied and dutifully followed.

BTW - It's good to be back!


Even if the anti-casino folks were correct about "organized crime" and thats not proven, organized crime is better than the unorganized crime we have now.

If the mob had interests in a casino, do you think they would stand for some thugs preying on their customers?

Like has already been said, the market is there, people ARE going to gamble, we can either get a piece of the pie or watch that money go away.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

I gamble. I love blackjack. But I don't go to any of the casinos in Michigan, Ontario, or any surrounding state. They are not casinos like in Vegas. Vegas casinos are the ultimate in capitalism. If I don't like the table or machines in one casino there, I can go elsewhere. The casinos in neighboring states are nothing like Vegas. Slots cold at the MGM, try walking to Greektown. All they are designed to do is suck money out of poor folks who don't pay taxes. That's why I'll continue to oppose casinos in Ohio. Open the state up to all comers, I'll vote yes.

Sounds like another clusterfuck that I'm going to vote NO on. Per the article:

"The Columbus Dispatch reported last month that Penn National had drafted a proposal to build casinos at Ohio's seven racetracks and at stand-alone sites in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.

The Plain Dealer reported Wednesday that the proposal to build four casino resorts doesn't appear to involve racetracks.

Organizers said the casinos would create thousands of jobs in each city. Each casino would hand over a $50 million startup fee and pay a 33 percent state tax on all receipts, the newspaper reported."

All this implies they are pursuing the same sort of legalized cartel, with the same sort of restrictions on competition.

I will never vote to authorize a cartel. Ohioans should have the right to gamble, and anyone should have the right establish a gambling outlet like a casino. There is no other sane conclusion.

for more of my tax dollars to pay for gambling addiction programs, divorce court, and higher healthcare costs with all the STD's people will catch after they get drunk at the casino's and blow more of their money on hookers. How is it that everyone supposedly has it so bad financially....? But, are so williing to throw away their money at the slots or craps tables? I guess will end up bailing out the people who lose their life savings at the casino's too. Oh yeah, and don't forget about even more neglect of our children when mommy and daddy are out flushing their money down the toilet.

We will end up with a broke addicted community. But least it will create a couple hundred jobs that pay $9/hr....and just think...when the casino's go under...taxpayers will pay yet again to turn them into science museums.

Wow - so you're only a casino away from getting drunk and blowing money on hookers?

SensorG: Wow - so you're only a casino away from getting drunk and blowing money on hookers?

Well, you'd certainly know all about that.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

That's funny :)

I certainly don't need a casino to get drunk. As for the hookers? I pretty sure there is a wife or mom joke in there somewhere. :)

I don't necessarily oppose casino's in Ohio but I do have a problem with it only being allowed for certain companies or persons to own and operate them.
I don't think we should vote to just hand over a monopoly to anyone.

Maybe MyOhioNow is starting to listen to that idea since they've at least expanded from the idea of only allowing that one casino near Columbus.

Yeah, uh, how do you know they will build the others?

What seems more probable: That they have a large multiple of the initial investment capital than before, or they are just fooling the PIMBY* voters in other areas of the state who are hoping for a casino of their own?

Let's look over this proposal very carefully. "Authorized" for other casinos doesn't mean that they MUST build them.

* Put In My Back Yard

You must have missed the part where I said that I wasn't in favor of them handing a monopoly over to anyone.

If gambling is going to be legal in Ohio then it should just be legal to anyone.

You should be allowed to build a casino in your garage and Call its GZ's if it trips your trigger and the zoning laws allow it.

I don't want any one company, or even one group of specific companies/owners to have the only right to do this.

This new proposal is a step in the right direction. Doesn't mean its over the finish line.

I oppose casinos in Ohio. All casinos would do is create dead broke gambling addicts and bring in more and better organized crime. You want to see real problems in Ohio? Legalize gambling, especially using the method these geniuses in Columbus favor, and you'll see some real problems develop.

If Ohio wants to raise money, let Ohio legalize marijuana and a few other hallucinogenics and tax it. The State will never be out of debt (the tax money will get spent way before it's collected), but at least a large portion of the populace will be happy.

Don't be a bogart, GZ.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

"If Ohio wants to raise money, let Ohio legalize marijuana and a few other hallucinogenics and tax it. The State will never be out of debt (the tax money will get spent way before it's collected), but at least a large portion of the populace will be happy."

You had me until this comment. This was dumb.

Legalizing marijuana will mean more drivers on the road with marijuana in their system. Most people aren't responsible enough to handle alcohol (hence I drink only in controlled situations).

The difference is gambling even with gambling addictions by in large is limited in their affects to the person involved and those close to them. Intoxication and impairments affect the safety of all of us because the impaired by in large are compelled to do it in public.


I think Ohio may have missed the boat on gambling. The idea as I understand it is to bring people from surrounding states to spend/lose their money in Ohio. Will that happen?

From what I can tell, (I may be incorrect) all of the states surrounding Ohio have casino gambling already. Why would People in Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan or Pennsylvania drive to Ohio when they have their own home state places to lose their money?

If the goal is to be a "destination' location (I hate that phrase) then have we not missed the opportunity? What will most likely end up happening is that Ohioans will travel to and from the Ohio cities with casinos. This does not bring in more money to the state treasury. What happens is that the money already in ohio just gets moved around. As an example say I want to have dinner and I have $100 to spend. I can go to Mancy's or Cousino's. Whichever one I choose is good for them but does not bring "new" money to Toledo.

it is not the same as if I am travelling through Toledo and decide to spend my money at one of those places. That is money that was not originally in Toledo, it is new money to Toledo and possibly the state. That is how the economy gets better, making the economic pie larger, not just shifting the pieces around.

Gambling and casinos aren't the point in my opinion. What is the point is whether or not out of state people would come here to spend their money when they can do it locally.

I remember back when there were pretty much only two places in the states to gamble, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. Then it seems more and more places have legalized it.

That being true, there must be some figures out there as to what happened to those cities after the casinos came in - Did the economy get better? Did the $$ from the casinos benefit the cities they are located in in some quantifiable way? Crime? Up or down?

Anybody done any looking in this area?

I havent made any serious study of the subject, but to me, Detroit doesnt seem to be a hell of a lot better off with casinos than they were before..

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