According to Bizjournals, Toledo ranks as one of the worst cities with job losses

Bizjournals today released its analysis of economies and job losses and Toledo is #3 behind Dayton and Detroit.
Dayton’s streak is by far the worst in the nation, according to a bizjournals analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data. No other U.S. market has amassed a losing streak of more than 13 quarters, and only five markets besides Dayton have been declining for more than eight straight quarters.

The worst employment streaks are concentrated in two areas -- the industrial belt of the Midwest, where the problems bedeviling domestic automakers are now harming most businesses, and Florida, where the collapse of the real estate market has triggered an especially deep recession.

Behind Dayton on the streak list are Detroit, which has lost jobs in 13 straight quarters, and Toledo, Ohio, which has experienced 10 consecutive quarterly losses.

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