Toledo ranked third by Site Selection magazine for development in 2008

While still behind Dayton and Akron, Toledo is third in the category of metros 200k to 1 million in population. That covers a large swath, so it is an achievement. Toledo had 38 development projects last year. One also has to wonder what Dayton is doing since Toledo would appear to have a better position than Dayton. Imagine how much further we could be if we could cooperate and work better as a region, which is what Dayton is claiming to be a few of the factors of its success. In 2007, Toledo was ranked with 50 in Northwest Ohio, 18 in the Toledo Metro region.

According to the Conway Data New Plant Database, the corporate facility tracking service of Site Selection, Dayton ranked No. 1 among all second-tier metros with 41 projects in 2008. Akron and Toledo assured a historic sweep of the medals by capturing silver and bronze, respectively. Akron tallied 39 deals, while Toledo secured 38. Youngstown tied for seventh with 24 projects last year.

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